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SmartCardsSmartCards blackjack software provides some of the best card counting training available anywhere. It is not a home blackjack game, but a professional software tool that builds the skills you need to beat the game consistently. SmartCards does this by providing a large range of exercises and practice environments. It supports virtually any card counting system, with features not found in many other practice programs.

Program Features:


  • The play field is where training takes place: You can custom build your practice environment by using the main menu to access hand patterns, hand settings, point counts, conversion settings, deck composition and order, count-values display, testing, performance records, the discard tray and shoe strip, and more.
  • The session-strip displays current exercise, hand pattern, deck type. shoe size, IRC, exercise length, and time.
  • With the count-strip you can view any combination of twelve discrete counting values.
  • Operation signs indicate stop, start, count-down, wait, seconds passed, correct responses, shuffle type, and a progress bar that displays elapsed hands or time.

Count Manager

  • Select from dozens of point counts or enter your own: whole, decimal, balanced or unbalanced, offset (IRC), asymmetric (52 value), with any count level +/-999.
  • Measure any point count’s strength for insurance, betting, strategy, effect of bet spread, and overall system rating (OSR)
  • Compare, design, name, and save point counts.
  • Assign ace side tag (whole or decimal, +/-999) with forward or backward ace-counting.
  • Measure and manipulate, expand or compact, name and save, full-deck (asymmetric) tag sets.

True Count Conversion

  • Choose from three convergence points (where the true equals the running count): the last whole, half, or quarter deck.
  • Estimate to nearest segment-size per deck as whole then halves, or halves then quarters.
  • Estimate by decks remaining or decks played.
  • Use multiplication or division for converting to true count. Use separate operators for multiple decks and last deck.
  • Select from five types of true-count rounding: Norm (adjustable from .1 to .9), Truncate, Round Up, Round Down, or None.

Full Count Peek

  • View all fifty-two tag values when using asymmetrical, full-deck count sets.


  • Choose deck type: Card Set (retains composition but varies order), Ordered (retains card sequence), or Infinite (random composition and order).
  • Play against 1 to 8-deck shoes.
  • Manipulate the deck for composition or order, with a wide variety of operations and shortcuts.
  • Name and save altered shoes, or choose from presets.
  • Practice with burn cards, and cut card spot variation.
  • Set IRC or practice with random starting counts.
  • Train with pips-only shoes.
  • Set to anticipate shuffle or make invisible.

Discard Tray and Shoe Estimation Strip Tray & Strip Adjustment

  • Practice deck estimation with box sizes of one, two, four, six, or eight decks.
  • View discard ruler, with display of exact number of card in tray and total cards played (including cards showing on table).
  • Display tray in wide or narrow mode.
  • Match discard image to variety of screen resolutions, automatically or by hand.
  • Shrink or expand discard and shoe-strip, adjusting to exact sizes.
  • Display deck-ruler with variety of deck segmenting (one to thirteen ticks per deck).

Core Exercises

  • Select from twelve distinct exercises:
    1. Add Total
    2. Static Count
    3. Deck Estimation
    4. Running Count
    5. Deck Conversion
    6. True Count
    7. Ace Norm
    8. Ace Occurrence
    9. Ace Difference
    10. Ace Deviation
    11. Adjusted Running Count
    12. Adjusted True Count
  • Progress through Preparatory, Primary and, Multi- Parameter drill sections.
  • Access values display.

Count Values Display

  • Set default or custom design values display with twelve discrete count values.
  • Name and save display groups.

Hand Patterns

  • Choose from eleven practice patterns, designed to build a comprehensive set of counting skills:
    1. Heads Up High
    2. Crisscross
    3. Dealer Stiff
    4. Splitsville
    5. Clockwise
    6. Full Deck
    7. Four Corners
    8. Anywhere
    9. Crowded House
    10. Inverted
    11. Expanding


  • Quick access Patterns window.
  • Vary timing of hands:
    1. Wait sets the length between hands
    2. Stutter varies the pause between cards
    3. Flash determines the time that cards display
  • Choose exercise length by setting the number of hands or by setting a time limit (Sprint).
  • Set display order to normal, reverse, or random.
  • Set hands size to a fixed size or random range.
  • Use an anchor card (repeating rank and position) to practice repeating card combination or soft hands.
  • Name and save hand-settings group or select from presets provided by SmartCards.


  • Track and measure best performance (top 10).
  • Test and monitor team skill-building.
  • Sort by initials, speed, accuracy, settings, date, etc.
  • Save session comments.

Testing / Choice Box / Test Location

  • Select to test every hand, last hand, or never.
  • Use true or false, multiple choice, or self reporting.
  • Display speed (seconds past) or accuracy (percentage of hands in current exercise correct).
  • Choose to have program drive the pace at adjusted rates, or control the pace yourself.
  • Allow program to highlight correction upon error.
  • Optionally display decision-time progress bar.
  • Position location testing by preference.

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