Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack SecretsA book by Stanford Wong

ORIGINAL ADVERTISEMENT: Blackjack Secrets explains how to get away with playing a winning blackjack game without getting kicked out of the casino. It covers such topics as good plays to avoid, how to get away with bet size variation, finding good games, the importance of penetration, stashing chips, heat, giving your name to casinos, streaks, what to do with a big bet at the shuffle, and acting like a gambler.

A 24-page chapter on winning faster covers such topics as taking advantage of unusual circumstances, break-in dealers, forcing a shuffle, team play, learning to see faster, the delayed raise, and cutting for advantage.

A chapter entitled “Turning Pro” answers letters from people who want to become professional blackjack players.

Chapter 7 is fun to read. It describes three dozen of the biggest casino giveaways. None of those particular giveaways are still alive, but similar giveaways keep popping up at the rate of several per year. For example, two of the give-aways describe casinos offering double exposure blackjack (both dealer cards exposed, ties lose) with naturals paying 3:2; Sandia in New Mexico offered just such a game in early 1977, and customers who used basic strategy had a 2% edge.

By the way, basic strategy for both regular blackjack and double exposure is presented in all three Stanford Wong blackjack books.

Robert W. Gates, former publisher of Blackjack Monthly, says: “Some inside secrets of a true blackjack pro. Good stuff.

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