Blackjack Review 6.3

BJR 6.3Summer 1997 – Vol 6.3
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Published by Michael Dalton

Editorial by Michael Dalton: Is Early Surrender Alive and Well?

Shuffle Tracking at Bally’s, Las Vegas by Don Goren – Goren walks you through the complete strategy to beat Bally’s 2-pass shuffle (or any similar shuffle!) using formulas created by software that uses Neural Network algorithms.

Is card counting illegal? by Michael Dalton
Player’s Guide to Idiot Camouflage! by Michael Dalton
Campione Case Overturned! by Stanford Wong
Comments of the Campione Appeals Court decision and its possible impact on card counting in New Jersey! by Michael Dalton
On Playing Conditions in Atlantic City – From Uston to Campione by Ralph Stricker

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Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger

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