Blackjack Review 6.1

BJR 6.1Winter 1997 – Vol 6.1
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Published by Michael Dalton

Editorial by Michael Dalton: Surviving Today’s Casinos
Letters: Grinder, Karel Janecek, Ralph Stricker, Rob Bensen, Green Baize Vampire, John Imming, Leigh, Abdul Jalib, Bob Fisher, Bob Dancer, Edward Gordon.

FAQ: Why aren’t you out their making millions? by Michael Dalton
Pulling Your Slot Club Card by Bob Dancer
Casino Detention & ID Requirements by John Allen
Ralph Stricker’s Tips of the Week

Best Bets
Casino Rules and Conditions: Now over 850 casinos listed!
U.S. and Foreign Regional Updates
Casino Cheating Paranoia ?
In memory of John Leib and Anthony Campione

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