Editorial 5.4

10/20/96 EDITORIAL FALL 1996

Into CyberSpace …and Beyond
By Michael Dalton

Blackjack Review and the Worldwide Blackjack Network now have an official home site on the Internet. Check out our World Wide Web site at www.BJRnet.com. Also, starting in December 1996 you can reach me at my email address of editor @ BJRnet [DOT] com.

Here is a sample of what you will find on BJRnet: You will have access to several public message boards including a Blackjack Review area and an area for posting messages about products that I sell. You can also post and read messages from our WorldWide Blackjack Network page and Florida players may want to check out the Florida Gaming Hotline. There are also direct links to the Usenet group rec.gambling.blackjack and Stanford Wong’s blackjack pages.

The first thing you will want to do after logging on is sign our Guest Book and read the Terms and Conditions. You will then have access to the best public information on blackjack on this planet. Links to the best sites, search routines, gambling archives, etc. Our full product catalog is on-line with full color graphics, photos, back issue descriptions, etc. Check out our travel section where we plan to maintain a photo collection of casinos from around the world. There is also a special area for Members Only that will eventually be password protected. Here, you will find blackjack rules and conditions and articles and letters from Blackjack Review. There may also be a contact board for players who wish to contact other players in their area. BJRnet is growing every day and additional features will soon make it the premier blackjack Internet site on the planet! But you will have to be patient as we are having growing pains…

Due to this technology, the printed version of Blackjack Review may soon see the dust… as I probably will find it very hard to maintain both ventures and publish the 4th edition of my book. I know that everyone doesn’t have access to the Internet but I estimate that within a year or two you will. Just as you have a telephone in your home you will soon find that the Internet is an invaluable resource that you won’t be able to live without.

I am considering using the Internet for publishing future issues of Blackjack Review and possibly even stop publishing the printed version. I would appreciate all subscribers answer the following questions and give me feedback on this possibility.

1) Do you have access to the Internet?

2) If I can promise a better publication, and more timely information, would you mind if all this content were on the Internet, instead of in printed form? You will be given a password to connect to Blackjack Review on the Internet.

3) Do you have an email address?

Please send your answers to this survey to our address (see inside front cover) or Email your response to xxxxxxxxx (before Dec 1996) or editor @ BJRnet [DOT] com (after Dec 1996). Thank you.

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