Blackjack Review 5.4

BJR 5.4Fall 1996 – Vol 5.4
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Published by Michael Dalton

Editorial by Michael Dalton: Into Cyberspace… and beyond!
Letters: Steven Forest, Stanford Wong, Donald Schlesinger, Edward Gordon (D.H. Mitchell) and others.

FAQ: Are single deck games better than multi-deck games? by Michael Dalton
Video Poker VS Blackjack by Bob Dancer
Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy by Edward Gordon
Blackjack VS Poker Part VI: Deceptive Betting and Checking by Yancy Howard
Stuart Perry VS Turning Stone – The whole story! by Stuart Perry
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Casino Rules and Conditions: Now over 850 casinos listed!
U.S. and Foreign Regional Updates

Vancurra and Fuchs Knock-Out Blackjack

Card counting, basic strategies and blackjack history!