Blackjack Reality

A book and system by David MorseBlackjack Reality by David Morse

Review by Michael Dalton

David Morse’s new self-published book is the book many serious players have either been waiting for or dreading. For the first time ever the closely guarded secret of “signature cards” (also known as “key cards”) has been exposed. I was first introduced to the possibility of using key cards to locate Ace/Ten clumps in poorly shuffled shoe games around 1990. I’ve experimented with the technique over the years but I was always frustrated because I was never able to come up with a easy method to remember the key or signature cards that identified the clump and count cards at the same time. In Blackjack Reality, Morse has finally hit upon a practical phonetic method to remember these cards. Morse’s discussion of signature card techniques is ground breaking.

Most of this new book, however, is not about signature cards. It is about a very personal (David Morse’s) method for winning at twenty-one. It is an excellent classic training guide for learning how to count cards (Wong’s halves count is used in the discussion) and most of the important technical requirements (including bankroll requirements, bet sizing, standard deviation, estimating your advantage) are presented very well. The book’s color charts are very unique and are presented in such a manner that may aid in their memorization.

Although Blackjack Reality can be used as a training guide for beginners, the people most likely to benefit from this book are advanced card counters who have investigated shuffle tracking and are looking for another method to gain an advantage over the casino.


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