Blackjack Attack – Errata

Blackjack AttackErrata / Correction Sheet

Blackjack Attack
by Donald Schlesinger

Third Hardcover
Edition – 2004




The following list contains corrections that deal with either numerical concepts or items that relate directly to a chart or table reference. While there are a number of typographical errors and some stylistic inconsistencies that I regret, they do not affect the reader’s comprehension of the text or the accuracy of the statements being made, and, for that reason, they are not included here. — D.S.

1. Page 20, bottom: “ 30.2632 = 4.50” should be “= 5.50.”

2. Page 48, line 3: “13,078” should be “$13,078.”

3. Page 96: The number in the title of Table 7.1 should read “100,000.”

4. Page 137, Formula 2: There is an extraneous right parenthesis after the final B in the formula.

5. Page 142, line 7: The page reference in parentheses should be p. 112, and not p. 136.

6. Page 145, line 4: “to reach the five goals listed” should be “four goals.”

7. Page 176: The rules for the fourth and fifth games listed should include “LS.”

8. Page 186, second paragraph, line 9: “20 trillion rounds” should be “20 trillion hands.”

9. Page 195, third paragraph, line 8: (“EV % W/L) should read: (“EV W/L (%)”).

10. Page 196, line 3: “SD/100” should be “SD/100 ($).”

11. Page 289: The Blackjack Forum date should be “Spring 1996.”

12. Page 294, Section V.5.: “See Section VII” should be “See Section VII.5.”

13. Page 296, Section VII.1.: “See II.1.” should be “See II.”

14. Page 300, second full paragraph, line 2: “h = 6.425” should be “h = 6,425.”

15. Page 351, line 3: “the previous chapter” should be “Chapter 9.”

Blackjack Attack 2Second Edition – 2000

  • Table of Contents: Preface should be p. xvii, and not, of course, p. xiv.

  • P. 140:  The negative sign in the exponent of the first formula should be an en dash, not a hyphen.

  • P. 195:  We need en dashes for all the negative signs.

  • P. 295:  TC?RC should read TC/RC.

  • P. 23:  The (h-1) terms, to the right, should be en dashes, and all of the TCs, to the left, should be en

  • P. 153:  “At the end of 1,000 hours” should be “1,000 HANDS”!!!!!

  • P. 317:  12 v. 5 index, for the EV, first column, lost its negative sign.

Blackjack Attack 1First Edition – 1997

  • P. vii:  In the Table of Contents, “Suggested References” should be “Selected References”;

  • P. 35:  The last number on the next-to-last line of the first paragraph should be .0001704;

  • P. 114:  There is an equal sign missing after the first expression for the value of w, to the right of the
    fractional expression;

  • P. 140:  The second equation, on the bottom, to the right, is missing a “ß ~” in front of the expression for bankroll requirement;

  • P. 167:  The column headings for the Table 9.7 “Exponential Functions” are missing.  They should be: x, ex, and e-x.   The same headings are repeated, to the right;

  • P. 177:  The last expression at the end of the third paragraph should read: “W/L SE%”;

  • P. 264:  The dates for the last entry in II (Wong’s Blackjack Newsletter) should be 1979-84.

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