BJedgeWindows Software by Stanford Wong

ORIGINAL ADVERTISEMENT: BJedge tells you the casino edge on the first hand after a shuffle for any set of blackjack rules. That is all it does; it does not play as a game, it does not give you playing strategy, and it does not run simulations. If you want those other functions, get Blackjack Count Analyzer or Blackjack Analyzer.

The numbers presented are simulation data found with Blackjack Count Analyzer. The standard error applicable to each number is about .01%. The relationship between the expectations at various numbers of decks is Peter Griffin’s interpolation by the reciprocal of the number of decks. (See chapter 8 of The Theory of Blackjack.) 

Here is what the author, Stanford Wong says about the software: “BJedge is a software program I wrote to quickly find the casino’s edge to the nearest hundredth of a percent for various sets of rules. The program functions as a spread sheet, summarizing the results of dozens of large simulations I have run. You dial in the rules you want — which dealer action on soft seventeen, any restrictions on doubling down, whether doubling is allowed after splitting, whether resplit of aces is allowed, what kind of surrender is allowed if any, etc., and the casino’s edge for one to eight decks is immediately displayed on the screen. That’s all BJedge does. It doesn’t run simulations. It doesn’t play games. BJedge is a Visual Basic program for PCs. You need Windows 3.0 or newer, but you do not need much memory or much speed.”

Last Update 04/05/05


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