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BeatWebCasinos.comA book by Bill Haywood

The Shrewd Player’s Guide to Internet Gambling

ORIGINAL PRESS RELEASE – April 2000:   Announcing the first book on how to beat the Internet casinos!  BeatWebCasinos.Com describes the methods author Bill Haywood uses to beat the Internet casinos at their own game.  It is not a get-rich-quick book;  it is a book about making an otherwise expensive hobby lucrative.  Players who profit from Web casinos do so by exploiting promotions.   Says Haywood, “You don’t beat their games, you beat their marketing departments.”  Haywood — a professor at Rutgers University and a former journalist — details the methods he has used for the past two years to average $100 per hour profit, by exploiting Web casino offers in his spare time.

BeatWebCasinos.Com offers a comprehensive overview of Internet gambling;  it is the most thorough study on the subject in print.  The book discusses legal issues, explains who is running the e-casinos, describes how the software works, how the cash transactions are handled, and how to recognize honest games from scam operations.  Haywood provides the only list of rip-off e-casinos in print.

People are losing a lot of money gambling in their living rooms.   According to the Washington Post, over $100 billion is wagered online annually.   Many e-casinos earn millions of dollars every month.  Because more than ninety percent of American adults participate in some form of gambling, the market for at-home gambling is huge.

Although there are hundreds of Internet casinos on the Web, the majority of them are using the same gaming software that is designed and licensed for use by a handful of companies.  These are not fly-by-night operations.  Many are publicly traded corporations with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars,” says Arnold Snyder, editor of the Blackjack Forum quarterly.

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