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Gambling with an Edge“Gambling With An Edge” is a unique cyber-hub where some of most-respected minds in professional gambling collectively share their expertise, advanced-strategy tips, insights, and opinions via the GWAE “SuperBlog” and weekly GWAE radio show. The expertise to be found here spans the full spectrum of casino games, advantage-play techniques, and legal-wagering opportunities in the U.S., with contributors including James Grosjean (AP, table games), Bob Dancer (video poker), Richard Munchkin (AP, author), Blair Rodman (poker), Frank B. (sports betting), and others.

  • Which Game Should I Play?
    Bonnie and I were attending a square dance convention where we had to stay for two nights. Close to the dancing venue was a Harrah’s Casino. Having Seven Stars status within the Caesars Entertainment system gets me a room “for free,” but a certain amount of play is expected. I… Read more »
  • Podcast – Inside The Edge
    Our guests this week are KC and Chris Buddy, on to talk about their new documentary “Inside the Edge,” which follows a successful blackjack player across the country. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter. podcast Click… Read more »
  • How Good Am I Today Compared to the Way I Was in 2001?
    In 2001, I had my only year ever where my video poker net score exceeded $1 million. Much of that was taking advantage of a few casinos whose managers were arithmetically challenged, combined with being over-royaled on big denomination machines. In 2019, I have relatively few places that welcome my… Read more »
  • Podcast – guests Ed Miller and Matt Davidow
    Our guests this week are Ed Miller and Matt Davidow.  They are on to talk about their new book, “The Logic of Sports Betting.” While the book is geared to be for beginners, there’s a lot of information here that both Bob and I found new and interesting. We welcome your… Read more »
  • Reasonably Ready
    A little more than two years ago, I wrote an article called “You’re Not Ready Yet” which may be found here. The article described “Joe,” a player who wished to hire me as a mentor. In the article, I told him that he didn’t have enough experience yet. He should… Read more »
  • Podcast – guest Mike Shackleford
    Our guest this week is Mike Shackleford aka The Wizard of Odds. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter. podcast Click to listen – Alt click to download Show Notes [00:00] Introduction of Michael Shackleford, The Wizard… Read more »
  • Counting it Once or Twice
    In June, the South Point is having a “Half Price Gas & Goods” promotion. This is a promotion that, with slight variations, is run there one month a year. The way it works is that you play enough to earn $25 in cash or free play, namely $8,334 of coin-in… Read more »
  • Podcast – Rob Reitzen
    Our guest this week is Rob Reitzen, the 2019 inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. We talk about early blackjack days, banking games in CA, and solving limit hold em. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on… Read more »
  • I Can’t Help
    I keep strange hours. Sometimes I’m up all night. Sometimes I’m up all day. Overall, I get my sleep, but nobody knows at any given time of day whether I’ll be awake or not. At about 2 a.m. on a recent night, I was writing an article when I received… Read more »
  • Podcast – guest Prozema
    Our guest this week is Prozema, a successful part-time player who focuses mainly on slots. We talk about the advantages of playing in places other than Las Vegas, and how he got connected with other APs. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can… Read more »
  • A Look at In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-Point Endgames by Robert Wachtel
    From the mid-1970s to the early 1990s, I played backgammon regularly at the Cavendish West Club in greater Los Angeles. Through much of that period, a man named Bob Wachtel also frequented the club. I got to be a strong intermediate backgammon player. I learned to stay out of the… Read more »
  • Podcast – Kim Hultman
    Our guest this week is Kim “” Hultman, a slot player who streams his play, and uses bonuses and affiliate money to be profitable. We also dip into their mailbag and answer some of your questions We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find… Read more »
  • Games I Prefer
    Generally, I’m going to play the game that returns the most — including slot club, promotions, and mailer. Sometimes, however, I have a choice between a few different games that return about the same amount.  Here is my approximate ranking — your mileage may vary. Hundred Play > Fifty Play… Read more »
  • Podcast – guest Seth Palansky on WSOP 2019
    While Richard takes the week off, Bob interviews Seth Palansky, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the World Series of Poker. Seth discusses the upcoming WSOP, which begins at the Rio beginning in late May. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find… Read more »
  • If Bob Dancer is Playing . . .
    A few years ago, for several days in a row, I was hammering a $5 Five Play 9/6 Double Double Bonus game. This game returns 98.98% and it is very un-Dancer-like to play so much on a game that bad. I received an email from somebody I didn’t know asking… Read more »
  • Podcast – Barry Meadow
    Our guest this week is Barry Meadow. We discuss his new book “The Skeptical Handicapper: Using Data and Brains to Win at the Racetrack.” Meadow is a long-time winning player, and shares many secrets to winning at the track. We welcome your questions – send them to us at,… Read more »


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