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Gambling with an Edge“Gambling With An Edge” is a unique cyber-hub where some of most-respected minds in professional gambling collectively share their expertise, advanced-strategy tips, insights, and opinions via the GWAE “SuperBlog” and weekly GWAE radio show. The expertise to be found here spans the full spectrum of casino games, advantage-play techniques, and legal-wagering opportunities in the U.S., with contributors including James Grosjean (AP, table games), Bob Dancer (video poker), Richard Munchkin (AP, author), Blair Rodman (poker), Frank B. (sports betting), and others.

  • Podcast – Vagabond
    Our guest this week is a professional professional blackjack player, and world traveler – Vagabond. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter. podcast click to listen – alt click to download Show Notes [00:00] Introduction of globetrotting… Read more »
  • A Free Play for LVA
    We’re getting lots of questions about our incentive deals with DraftKings. There are currently two. The first is for funding a DraftKings daily fantasy sports account and the second is for players who bet sports in New Jersey. They’re both relatively straightforward – join and play a minimal amount and… Read more »
  • So What?
    The Las Vegas Advisor publishes a “Question of the Day” every day. People send in questions and the LVA gets someone knowledgeable to answer each question. Often video poker questions are shuttled my way. In a recent QOD, someone noted that they were quarter NSU Deuces players at Green Valley… Read more »
  • Podcast – Rufus Peabody
    Our guests this week is professional sports bettor Rufus Peabody,  who tells the story about being shut out of a $1 million first prize at the Draft Kings NFL handicapping contest. We also discuss his sports betting process, and his podcast, Bet The Process. podcast click to listen – alt… Read more »
  • Couldn’t There Be More Exceptions?
    I was having dinner with a buddy, Al, who received a text from someone we both knew, Sandy. The text showed a picture of 8/5 Ace$ Bonus Poker along with a query whether I published a strategy for it? Ace$ Bonus Poker is just like Bonus Poker, except the four… Read more »
  • Podcast – Spanky part 2
    Our guest this week is a professional sports bettor, Spanky.  We discuss how his operation works, and the art and science of sports betting. We welcome your questions – send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter.podcast click to listen – alt click to… Read more »
  • A Lesson from Improv
    I regularly participate in Thursday night workshops for an improvisation group in Las Vegas. Improv is a form of on-stage comedic acting where the scenes are made up on the spot in response to a suggestion from the audience. Although the group I go to is “clean burning,” meaning the… Read more »
  • The DraftKings Free Bet
    We’re getting a lot of questions about how the DraftKings free bet works. I was in New Jersey in January and got to try it out first hand. My account of that appears here. Actually, it’s not just DraftKings that’s offering this type of incentive, so the information here should… Read more »
  • Podcast – Super Bowl 2019 with Frank B & Anthony Curtis
    Our guests this week are Frank B. and Anthony Curtis.  We discuss the upcoming Super Bowl and opportunities for sharp bettors. podcast click to listen – alt click to download Show Notes [00:00] Introduction of sports bettor Frank B and Las Vegas Advisor/Huntington Press publisher Anthony Curtis. [00:34] Did Frank… Read more »
  • The Way You Walk
    Assume the following:  You are a very strong player. In a particular, large casino, they only have two machines of the type you consider best. There are other players who play these same machines. When you arrive on the property, how fast and purposefully do you walk to get to… Read more »
  • A Primer on Props
    The Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year. Last year players wagered $158.6 million in Nevada. Many analysts believe that the handle will more than double this year with legalized betting in eight states. The big draw for amateur and professional bettors alike is the large selection of… Read more »
  • What’s Coming in the World of Gaming ?
    Dr. Nick and HAC discuss What’s Coming in the World of Gaming.  The duo talk up coming events in poker and in the world of advantage play.  With all that’s going on in the world of gaming Dr. Nick and the HAC give their listeners a few tips on what to… Read more »
  • My 2019 Wish List
    There’s little doubt that 2019 will be a year of tremendous growth in the sports wagering industry. A year ago I wouldn’t have expected that we would already have eight states with some form of legalized sports books. Many analysts predict we’ll have upwards of double that number by the… Read more »
  • Podcast – guest Ed Miller
    Our guest this week is Ed Miller. We talk about DFS, sports betting, and in-game betting. podcast click to listen – alt click to download Show Notes [00:00] Introduction of Ed Miller, noted poker authority and sports bettor. [00:26] Ed’s sports betting articles in Card Player Magazine. [03:13] Does Ed… Read more »
  • Worried About Blowing Your Cover?
    In a recent Gambling with an Edge episode, Richard Munchkin and I were interviewing “Math Boy,” a Ph. D. in mathematics who for years used that knowledge to beat casinos. Math Boy told of the time in 2003 or 2004 when he met me despite his best intentions. Math Boy… Read more »
  • Podcast – Math Boy part 2
    Our guest this week is Math Boy, back for a return visit. He shares about a memo from a casino he inadvertently saw, and how he and his team exploited it. podcast click to listen – alt click to download Show Notes [00:00] Introduction of Math boy, an AP with a… Read more »


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