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March 2, 3:2 is National Blackjack Day

Join the movement and celebrate National Blackjack Day on March 2nd #BlackjackDay by playing 3:2 blackjack, sharing your love of the game, and calling on the casino companies to keep 3:2 blackjack tables!

  • National Blackjack Day 2017 Recap
    2017 was the 2nd full year of National Blackjack festivities and we had some great traction!The feature shown above on the marquee at The D Las Vegas was the favorite example of the day, but it wasn’t the only highlight.  We are starting to see momentum for National Blackjack Day... Read more »
  • National Blackjack Day Featured on High Roller Radio
    More good momentum for National Blackjack Day this week.  Check out the coverage on High Roller Radio with an interview about #NationalBlackjackDay and the related casino experience. The last question in the conversation was ‘How should we celebrate National Blackjack Day’.  That is a great question and as a fan of the game... Read more »
  • 12,000 Blackjack Tables in the U.S.
    I’m curious about the entire gaming industry, not just because I’m a blackjack player, but also as a marketer and gaming fan.  One question I ask myself frequently when I’m playing is how many blackjack tables exist either at their casino or in a certain market. Luckily UNLV Gaming does an amazing... Read more »
  • National Blackjack Day is March 2nd
    March 2nd – 3:2 – was chosen for a very specific reason.  As I, and many other players and industry watchers smarter than me, have been highlighting in recent years more and more casinos are moving away from 3:2 payouts for blackjack and moving to 6:5.  This trend is taking... Read more »
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