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No 6 to 5March 2, 3:2 is National Blackjack Day

Join the movement and celebrate National Blackjack Day on March 2nd #BlackjackDay by playing 3:2 blackjack, sharing your love of the game, and calling on the casino companies to keep 3:2 blackjack tables!

  • Thank You For a Great 2018 National Blackjack Day!Thank You For a Great 2018 National Blackjack Day!
    Our 3rd year of celebrating National Blackjack Day March 2nd was yet another stellar experience thanks to the support from players and casinos everywhere.  Below are 8 great examples of the amazing content including live coverage on Fox5 Las Vegas, a new cocktail, themed casino events, and more.  Lady Luck… Read more »
  • Welcome to National Blackjack Day 2018!
    March 2nd is a great day!  3:2 is the perfect day to celebrate and play blackjack at your favorite casino. This year has seen a lot of change in the gaming industry with big name disgraces, major new casino openings, more regional options, casino closings, eSports booming, skill games floundering,… Read more »
  • A New Blackjack World Record Will Have to Wait Until Next Year
    For National Blackjack Day 2018 we sent a petition to the Guinness World Record people for an event on March 2nd at The D Casino to set and establish a new blackjack related world record.  We received the response from Guinness last week after a 3-month wait and at first, it looked… Read more »
  • The World Championship of Blackjack – Let’s Make This Happen
    I recently watched YouTube videos from the 2010 World Series of Blackjack and it made me curious about how we might bring an updated version to life.  I’ve personally never played in a casino blackjack tournament, but from what I’ve seen they don’t resemble actual blackjack play so we’d suggest handling… Read more »
  • National Blackjack Day 2017 RecapNational Blackjack Day 2017 Recap
    2017 was the 2nd full year of National Blackjack festivities and we had some great traction! The feature shown above on the marquee at The D Las Vegas was the favorite example of the day, but it wasn’t the only highlight.  We are starting to see momentum for National Blackjack… Read more »
  • National Blackjack Day Featured on High Roller Radio
    More good momentum for National Blackjack Day this week.  Check out the coverage on High Roller Radio with an interview about #NationalBlackjackDay and the related casino experience. The last question in the conversation was ‘How should we celebrate National Blackjack Day’.  That is a great question and as a fan of the… Read more »
  • 12,000 Blackjack Tables in the U.S.
    I’m curious about the entire gaming industry, not just because I’m a blackjack player, but also as a marketer and gaming fan.  One question I ask myself frequently when I’m playing is how many blackjack tables exist either at their casino or in a certain market. Luckily UNLV Gaming does an… Read more »
  • National Blackjack Day is March 2nd
    March 2nd – 3:2 – was chosen for a very specific reason.  As I, and many other players and industry watchers smarter than me, have been highlighting in recent years more and more casinos are moving away from 3:2 payouts for blackjack and moving to 6:5.  This trend is taking… Read more »

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