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This is Michael Dalton’s blackjack and card counting site. Home of Dalton’s free online edition of the Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One the most comprehensive resource available anywhere for blackjack information, card counting strategies and history of the game. 

  • Blackjack History Database Project
    In 2016, Michael Dalton and the Blackjack Review Network began a Blackjack History Database Project. There were two aspects to the project: Collect exact (or approximate) dates for any and all historical events that are blackjack related. Create a database user interface tool so users can search and view these events. You can... Read more »
  • Bill Zender Newsletter – January 2018
    Bill Zender and Associates Newsletter January 9, 2017 Dear Friends and Business Associates, I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season, and is looking forward to a prosperous year in 2018.  I have planned to kick off the first quart of this year with a seminar on “Optimal Defensive Card Counting”,... Read more »
  • How to Deal with Issues at Online Gambling Sites
    How to Deal with Issues at Online Gambling Sites By Alice Mason Online gambling has become a beloved way of gambling by players across the globe. The ease of betting from anywhere and anytime attracts a higher number of players. But once you start playing, it is not necessary that you would... Read more »
  • How Casinos can be Sure a Person is Counting?
    October 2, 2017 Dear Friends and Business Associates, I will be attending this year’s G2E tomorrow, October 3rd, and Wednesday October 4th.  Since I am on the Board of Directors, I will be “hanging out” primarily at the Galaxy Gaming booth 4208.  The convention area is like a small city... Read more »
  • Game Protection and Card Counter Detection
    From Bill Zender and Associates Bill Zender Newsletter September 6, 2017 I cannot believe the number of “winning” player evaluations I have conducted this summer.  Most of them concerned higher limit blackjack players, but I still had a couple higher limit baccarat players, and one Pai Gow tiles evaluation.  Usually the evaluations... Read more »
  • Understanding Blackjack Bet Spread Requirements
    From Bill Zender’s email discussing his upcoming activities and events which include some interesting comments on the state of advantage play. August 2, 2017 Dear Friends and Business Associates, I want everyone to know that I will have some openings to conduct on property training sessions, or table game evaluations at... Read more »
  • What’s New (June – July 2017)
    Check out what is new on the Blackjack Review Network.  Lots of new encyclopedia entries, updated (better looking) basic strategy charts,  new Blackjack Tests and Quizzes, a Wikipedia Resource page, a Blackjack history database tool, a new Blackjack strategy calculator, improved cross linking and hundreds of man-hours of cleanup.  Click... Read more »
  • Blackjack Basic Strategy – Is It Important?
    From Bill Zender’s email discussing his upcoming activities and events. July 5, 2017 Dear Friends and Business Associates, I hope everyone is doing well.  First off, I want to give the University of Nevada Reno’s Extended Studies course in Casino Management a recommendation, especially the Table Game Management course that is... Read more »
  • The Art of Blackjack Betting
    The Art of Blackjack Betting by Manu Becoming a successful blackjack player isn’t just about coming to grips with strategy, or committing to a card counting system. It’s also about having a good understanding of the art of betting. There are many ways a player can place a bet (or wager) during... Read more »
  • New Blackjack History Database Tool
    Just completed a new Blackjack History Database Tool on the BJRNET site. Did a blackjack, card counting or related gambling event happen in 1948, or in the month of January, or during April 1977?  Check the Blackjack History Database Tool. You can search by any combination of month, day and year.  Or... Read more »

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