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This is Lee Jenson’s AP site. Lee Jenson is an advantage player and winner of the 2016 “Grosjean Cup” at Max Rubin’s annual Blackjack Ball.  He calls his site a professional gambler’s blog.

  • Play to Your Strengths; Know Your Weaknesses
    In the early stages of AP evolution, much attention is spent learning new things. Many APs are eager to be taught “secret” plays and techniques, and to needlessly complicate plays that they haven’t yet mastered. How many forum posts have you read from novice card counters wondering if they should… Read more »
  • Manipulating Game Speed
    Quick: you have an option to play a game with a 20% edge or one with a 2% edge? Which do you choose? Naturally, the answer is the default AP-related one: it depends. In this case, factors may include table maximum and variance, but one factor that gets overlooked all too… Read more »
  • Dealing With Toke Hustlers
    Some casinos are very poorly run. It’s no coincidence that I play in a lot of these casinos. It’s also not a coincidence that degenerates who angle shoot by “helping” people win for a tip also play in a lot of these places. I’m usually the biggest action in these… Read more »
  • Notes From a Significant Other
    This guest post comes courtesy of Kilo, wife of a full-time advantage player (and no slouch at the tables herself) My husband is a professional gambler, which is an obscure career choice to explain to people at parties and social events.  Most people don’t understand gambling. Most people are convinced… Read more »
  • A Trip Report
    I gamble against casinos for a living. This means I make paychecks from places that never hired me. Instead, most of them want to fire me permanently and ban me from ever setting foot in their building again. It’s kind of funny to think about it that way, but that’s… Read more »
  • When Casinos do it Right
    We often sneer at casino ineptitude, eager to point out amongst ourselves instances in which casinos took excessive, misdirected, or just plain absurd actions as a response to suspected advantage play. Sometimes it’s a way to add some levity to a sometimes grueling and frequently stressful occupation, and sometimes it’s… Read more »
  • Planning for Retirement, AP-Style
    The following is a guest contribution by Jack Sparrow, a long-time professional advantage player and friend of AP Street. First, let’s start with a disclaimer. I am not a tax attorney and this blog should not be construed as professional guidance. I’m just an AP with an eye on the… Read more »
  • My Road to Advantage Play
    If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re in a similar position to mine years ago. You may have learned to count cards, browse some blackjack forums, and maybe even spread a little at your local casino. But you’ve never taken the plunge into full time play, or moved… Read more »
  • Look the Part
    It pays to do a little market research. If you were going into business in the traditional sense, you would hopefully research your target demographic and see what they’re buying, so to speak. In order to reach your potential customers most effectively, you have to give them what they want,… Read more »
  • More on Eavesdropping
    On my recent Gambling With an Edge appearance, Richard, Bob, and I talked about Blake’s article on eavesdropping. I thought it was an interesting conversation because this is something that I use on a regularly basis. I may hear something coming from the pit crew that I don’t like and decide it’s… Read more »

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