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  • Strictly Slots Magazine JanFeb 2019
    Strictly Slots Magazine January-February 2019 JACKPOTS IN JEOPARDY That big win doesn’t always pay By Sean Chaffin DICER’S SLOTS A novel approach to playing slots By Frank Scoblete DESTINATION MICHIGAN The Great Lake State is home to some of the country’s best casinos AN OLD FAVORITE Winning strategy for Multi-Strike… Read more »
    AN OLD FAVORITE Winning strategy for Multi-Strike Poker By John Grochowski Like any other player, I try many new games, but I also have a collection of old favorites. When I see the old favorites, I make some time for them even though they’re no longer the hottest of the… Read more »
    DESTINATION MICHIGAN The Great Lakes State is home to some of the country’s best casinos Casino gambling can be found almost anywhere these days. It almost seems like hardly a month passes without some news of another casino breaking ground somewhere in the country. But having a casino is one… Read more »
    DICERS’ SLOTS A novel approach to playing the slots By Frank Scoblete Thirty days have September… April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one except… Oh, for crying out loud. What’s with February? Seriously? You have to break the rhythm of the lines to get this month into the… Read more »
    JACKPOTS IN JEOPARDY That Big Win Doesn’t Always Pay By Sean Chaffin Sometimes a jackpot isn’t really a jackpot. Despite every- thing on a machine saying a player’s a winner, sometimes that same players heads to the door empty handed – and probably pretty angry. In August 2016, Katrina Bookman… Read more »
    TWO CENTS WORTH That “good” advice might cost you big By John Grochowski As long as there has been video poker, there have been players giving advice to friends, spouses or total strangers who just happened to be at the next machine. And as long as there have been players… Read more »
    SPORTS BETTING 101 A beginner’s guide to gelling in on the action By Sean Chaffin With eight states already allowing sports wagering by the time you read this, there’s a good chance that number may grow by the time the Super Bowl kicks off on Feb. 3. If you’re in… Read more »
    LOOK AND PLAN AHEAD The advantages of poker patience By Jack Clayton With sports betting in Las Vegas there are situations on the football fields or basketball courts called “look ahead spots.” This is where a team is facing a bad team, for instance, but has a good team or… Read more »
    TRIBAL TRIUMPH Indian Gaming Has Changed the Casino Landscape By Sharon Harris No one predicted it and almost everyone got it wrong. Who could imagine that a small legal battle over bingo in the mid-1980s would create a nationwide, multi-billion-dollar Indian gaming industry? Historically, centuries of poor living conditions meant… Read more »
  • Strictly Slots Magazine December 2018
    Strictly Slots Magazine December 2018 THE BEST OF SLOTS AWARDS 2018 Our annual review of your favorite casinos for slots INNOVATIVE GAMES AND AN EVOLVING INDUSTRY AGS Continues To Expand Its Popular And Exciting Game Portfolio By John Grochowski ON A HOT STREAK Being on the plus side of volatility… Read more »

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