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    RISKY BUSINESS Playing it safe is good By Frank Scoblete   If given a choice between a high house-edge bet that brings in a large amount of money should it win or a low house edge bet that brings in a comparative trickle, which choice would you make? Take the... Read more »
    YOU’RE BEING WATCHED Don’t play any hand, play the right hand By Jim Feist   One of the biggest mistakes sports bettors make is to wager on too many favorites. They don’t believe an underdog has a shot, either in baseball or football, so they always play teams that are... Read more »
    IN THE ZONE Creating New Sounds With Rock Legend Joe Walsh By Tim Wassberg   Joe Walsh knows the thrill of performing but also that of innovation. As a solo artist, member of The Eagles and a collaborator with many including Tom Petty and Ringo Starr, this rock virtuoso understands... Read more »
    THE NEW RULES FOR GAMBLING Radical Approaches To Popular Games By Frank Scoblete   I think many players get stuck in a playing mode and they can’t think any other way about their favorite games. For example, there are slot players who must play the machines that offer up to... Read more »
    HIGH -TECH SLOTS We’re entering another dimension By Frank Legato   OK, things are getting scary around here. As you found in last month’s cover story (New Slots 2017), some of the technology coming out of the slot manufacturers this year is mind-boggling. Case in point: lGT’s got something called... Read more »
    GAMBLING WITH MY FUTURE The longer I live, the more I gamble By Brian Christopher   My name is Brian Christopher, I host the leading Slots channel on YouTube, and I am a non-smoker. This article is certainly not to preach on the medical harms of smoking. Anyone is free... Read more »
    KEEPIN’ IT STRAIGHT What exactly is an open straight By Jerry “Stickman” Stich   Look at the strategy for just about any video poker game and you will find two different types of straight—an open (or more accurately open-ended) straight and an inside straight. The terms open and inside also... Read more »
  • BEST OF SLOTS 2017
    BEST OF SLOTS 2017 Our Annual Review Of Your Favorite Slots— And The Casinos That Offer Them! Across the country slot-machine manufacturers both big and small are constantly hard at work designing new styles of games that will impact slot floors significantly over the coming years. Relatively new to this... Read more »
  • Strictly Slots Magazine October 2017
    Strictly Slots Magazine September/October 2017 STATE OF THE SLOTS 2017 Our annual review of the collection of new slot machines you’re likely to see in the next 12 months By Frank Legato BEST BETS Our picks for some of the hottest casinos in the U.S. By Karrie L. Zukowski GOING... Read more »
  • Casino Player Magazine October 2017
    Casino Player Magazine October 2017 GREAT GAMBLES & SUCKER BETS The 10 best and worst wagers you can make at the casino By Frank Scoblete BEST BETS Where to Play and Stay: Top casino properties for gambling and beyond THE SLOT INFLUENCER: Brian Christopher turns playing slots into a successful... Read more »
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