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The table game tournament community originally created by Ken Smith.

  • $50,000 Blackjack Tournament - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS
    Discuss the $50,000 Blackjack Tournament event at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS.... Read more »
  • Mental Trap: Sense of Entitlement
    This past weekend I witnessed an event from behind the players in the tournament I played in that could put any student of this game on tilt.An elderly lady was obviously in over her head. She needed one of the other players to help her add up her hand totals... Read more »
  • BR1 OOP vs. Thinking BR2 Plus Two >Max Bet Ahead
    The following situation came up in my most recent tournament:Last hand. One will advance to finals. Min bet 10, max bet 2,000 in increments of 5. No surrender, insurance, or even money allowed. Blackjacks pay 2:1. This is a face down pitch game.BR2 has been measuring his bets and keeping... Read more »
  • Wong's Tournament Blackjack software...
    Hey!I just received my copy of the software, an I'm wodering if anyone knows if the maximum max-bet value in the "Rules" configuration is 2000.I'm trying to simulate a UBT hand (min 500, max 25000) and I just can't fill in this value.Kind of disapoiting if this is so...Is... Read more »
  • Blackjack 21 Tournament - Niagara Fallsview Casino - Niagara Falls, ON - Canada
    Discuss the Blackjack 21 Tournament event at Niagara Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, ON - Canada.... Read more »
  • Is the Minimum Bet Strategy a Game Theory Exploit?
    I’ll start with some definitions.By the “minimum bet strategy” I mean betting the minimum bet in the early and middle hands of a tournament round, until there are five or ten hands remaining to be played. When you decide to bet more, you make big bets in hopes of catching... Read more »
  • Contributor George at Buffalo Run final table
    Congratulations George on your final table appearance at the $30k Buffalo Run Summer Blackjack tournament yesterday!... Read more »
  • Got Mental Game Questions?
    Hi all!I'm Dr. Tricia Cardner, author of Peak Poker Performance and Positive Poker & co-host of the Poker on the Mind Podcast. Recently, I was asked by one of your moderators if I would be interested in fielding some of your mental game questions and here I am!I'm an avid... Read more »
  • Psychology and Tilt
    We have a new forum category here at - Psychology and Tilt. The first contribution has been made by Dr. Tricia Cardner.Dr. Cardner is an expert in psychology, who specializes in poker, sports, and similar fields.She has doctoral degrees in psychology and criminology, is a licensed psychotherapist, and... Read more »
  • New to site
    Have played in local tournaments many years ago. Stopped tournament play for a long while. Recently started playing local BJ tournaments in my area again at different casinos. Was able to win 1st place ($10,000) in BJ tournament, at an upper Midwest... Read more »

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