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  • Gaining a lock through aggressive play
    Ken's book How To Win Even More mentions trying to accumulate your target in each round. I know there is also information available about the odds of winning consecutive hands or 3 out of 4 etc... Considering an elimination tournament with re-entry allowed in the first round, might it be… Read more »
  • Poll (tourneys worth flying from US/Canada to Europe)
    Hello all, I now would like to submit a kind of poll to you, regarding your idea of an "excellent tourney" : - For what kind of tournaments (with what rules, what payouts etc.) would you be ready to take a plane from the US/Canada to Europe in order to… Read more »
  • Golden nugget
    I am planning going to nugget tournament Sept 29 but seems like to high entry $500, any thoughts? Read more »
  • Dealing with being "the bad guy" at final table -- serious ? from a recent tourney
    Here's my situation. I am a high stakes player and I regularly get invited to very lucrative freeroll tournaments. Tournaments like $500k given away and there are only 100 players. Nice! So anyway I was at a tournament recently and lost before making final table. I stuck around for final… Read more »
  • Gold Strike (Tunica)
    I was planning to drive down for their June tourney but I can't justify the cost. $200 entry fee, $291.30 for 2 nights room and about $130 for round trip gas. These costs, combined with the fact that so much of the purse is casino chips rules it out for… Read more »
  • Greetings from Belgium
    Hello all, and greetings from an avid BJ- (and other local card games) tournaments player from Belgium ! Before I ask my very first question to you, experts, I'd especially like to first thank Ken, Gronbog, Monkeysystem, the Pro, LeftNut etc. and the regulars for all the valuable tips they… Read more »
  • Tracking player stacks with Rectangular Chip Plaques
    I played in a Gulport tournament about 15 years ago. It was an Island View weekly or monthly event. Once chip stacks hit a certain level, the dealer began exchanging regular chips for these rectangular guys. It totally threw me off. Hell, the round ones do too! Adding these made… Read more »
  • Mulligan Strategy
    I was going to post this under discussion of the LV Hilton tournament or with the calendar thread for this tournament, but thought that perhaps other tournaments might have this "feature" as well. I intend to attend an upcoming Las Vegas Hilton tournament, so I began studying the use of… Read more »
  • Basic Strategy
    P 53 to 55 in Ken's More ways book discusses standing on H12. But I believe his examples assume the OPs are all stiff or all standing on stiffs. He sites swings/half swings as his reasoning. What if they all are standing pat on 20's against a dealer 3? I… Read more »
  • The Luck Factor and Unskilled Opponents
    Some of you may have gone on cruises and seen the blackjack tournaments that they usually hold once or twice during the week. The format is always pretty much the same. They run one or two tables for a few hours or for as long as folks keep coming at… Read more »
  • Fire & Ice $50,000 BJT - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS
    Discuss the Fire & Ice $50,000 BJT event at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. Read more »
  • Is the Minimum Bet Strategy a Game Theory Exploit?
    I’ll start with some definitions. By the “minimum bet strategy” I mean betting the minimum bet in the early and middle hands of a tournament round, until there are five or ten hands remaining to be played. When you decide to bet more, you make big bets in hopes of… Read more »
  • Double Deck Blackjack Tournament - Iron Horse Casino (Auburn) - Auburn, WA
    Discuss the Double Deck Blackjack Tournament event at Iron Horse Casino (Auburn) in Auburn, WA. Read more »
  • "Push is as bad as a loss"... meaning ... ?
    Hello all, One expression I never quite understood as a non-native english speaker is "(when) push is as bad as a loss". In which (kind of) cases is it useful to apply ? Does it imply a mere adjustment of the basic strategy ? In short : what's the meaning… Read more »
  • Lazy Days of Summer $100,000 BJT - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS
    Discuss the Lazy Days of Summer $100,000 BJT event at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. Read more »
  • $40,000 Baccarat Tournament - Eldorado (Reno) - Reno, NV
    Discuss the $40,000 Baccarat Tournament event at Eldorado (Reno) in Reno, NV. Read more »
  • Proposal: Mark as cancelled all events not updated in 6 months
    As you know, the tournament listings have been a complete mess for a long time. I would guess that 95% of the listed events no longer exist. My proposal is to mark as cancelled effective Dec 31, 2018 every event that has not been updated by one of our users… Read more »
  • Suncoast Dice tourney twice a month?
    While confirming events on the calendar, I came across this on Suncoast's website: I am hesitant to add it to the calendar, because of the "january" in the URL, but it does still appear under their promotions link. Does anyone know if this event is still happening on the… Read more »
  • $1500 Blackjack Tournament - Sam's Town Shreveport - Shreveport, LA
    Discuss the $1500 Blackjack Tournament event at Sam's Town Shreveport in Shreveport, LA. Read more »
  • Smoking Aces BJ Tournament (Grand Casino @Hinckley, MN)
    Congratulations are in order for BJT's James McNulty for his 2nd place finish in yesterday's event. Well done Jim! Billy C Read more »

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