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The table game tournament community originally created by Ken Smith.

  • Strategy for accumulation roulette tournament ?
    Those kind of tournaments with re-buys where each player play against the whole field and at the end the top players get 60/80/100 x their starting BR. Particularly the tournament I am talking about was 1000 BR for start with unlimited rebuys. Max allowed bet per number was 25 but... Read more »
  • Double decks
    Hello everyone and then some,Is there an online guide listing by state casinos that offer double deck? If so,, how often is it updated?Thank you... Read more »
  • Roaring 21 100K BJT - Beau Rivage - Biloxi, MS
    Discuss the Roaring 21 100K BJT event at Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. This tournament showed up in the search as an "open" event. Being that there is no entry fee, and the prize money is twice the amount of a regular Beau Rivage tournament, am I correct in assuming this event... Read more »
  • BlackJack Tournament Study
    The BlackJack Society is conducting a study of the possibility of starting a league or sports organization dedicated to BlackJack Tournaments much like what WSOP is about. We are determine wether this will be feasible, profitable or viable. But we want input. Our first question to all the BlackJack... Read more »
  • New Here
    Never played in a BJ Tournament.Try the one at Caesar 1/2 million dollar qualifier for apt 3 with the free play they invited me with.Won the whole think Going back for the final and 1/2 million dollars on sept 3... Read more »
  • $50K Summer Classic Double Deck Tournament - Buffalo Run Casino and Resort - Miami, OK
    Discuss the $50K Summer Classic Double Deck Tournament event at Buffalo Run Casino and Resort in Miami, OK.... Read more »
  • $125,000 Summer Blackjack - Hard Rock Casino - Biloxi - Biloxi, MS
    Discuss the $125,000 Summer Blackjack event at Hard Rock Casino - Biloxi in Biloxi, MS.... Read more »
  • Four Winds Tournament June 25th, 2017
    At the last monthly tournament, the Four Winds announced that there would be a larger blackjack tournament held on Sunday, June 25th. They didn't give many details, just that it would be a larger buy-in (typical tournament is $60), more rounds (4 rounds instead of 3) and a larger prize... Read more »
  • Quick advice
    Playing in an invitational tonight in 3.5 hrs. Just found out that there will be a secret bet on the last hand of each round, where in the player may go ALL IN. Any advice appreciated!... Read more »
  • Noob Question
    Last hand, no surrender, max bet 500, BJ 3-2:BR1: 700 (me) BR2: 500Betting first, do I lead off with 195, 305, or some other amount? If I bet 195, I don't have a BR2 double covered, but if I bet 305 I give away the low.... Read more »
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