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“Gambling With An Edge” is a unique cyber-hub where some of most-respected minds in professional gambling collectively share their expertise, advanced-strategy tips, insights, and opinions via the GWAE “SuperBlog” and weekly GWAE radio show. The expertise to be found here spans the full spectrum of casino games, advantage-play techniques, and legal-wagering opportunities in the U.S., with contributors including James Grosjean (AP, table games), Bob Dancer (video poker), Richard Munchkin (AP, author), Blair Rodman (poker), Frank B. (sports betting), and others.

  • Twenty-First Annual Blackjack Ball
    Recently, at some mysterious location in greater Las Vegas, almost 100 of the world’s best blackjack players and other gaming professionals, along with dates for some of the guests, met for the Twenty-First Annual Blackjack Ball. I’m always grateful that host Max Rubin allows one video poker pro to attend,... Read more »
  • More than Six and a Half Little Words
    I recently read a blog by James Grosjean titled Six and a Half Little Words. It reminded me of an incident in my own life. I was debating whether to respond to his blog or to post it as a separate column several weeks later. It turned out to be quite... Read more »
  • Gambling With an Edge this week
    Our guests on the GWAE podcast this week are Professor David Schwartz, who is on to talk about his new book, Tales From the Pit.  Then we talk with Anthony Curtis about things happening around Las Vegas, as well as some reminiscences about Peter Griffin.  Shows get posted on Thursday... Read more »
  • Podcast – DFS pro Nick Dunham aka 1ucror
    The guest this week is DFS pro Nick Dunham, aka 1ucror. Nick is also the CEO or Rotowar, a company that creates tools to help players succeed at Daily Fantasy Sports. podcast Click to listen – Alt click to download The post Podcast – DFS pro Nick Dunham aka 1ucror appeared first... Read more »
  • Hiding in Plain Sight
    Like any diligent student of Advantage Gaming I study a variety of games from many different sources. My classroom is the Gaming Research Center  located on the third floor of the UNLV Lied library, where over the last 15 years I easily have spent several thousands of hours in study.... Read more »
  • On Gambling With an Edge this week
    Our guest this week is one of our favorites – attorney Bob Nersesian. Bob’s new book is The Law for Gamblers: A Legal Guide to the Casino Environment. This book is a must-have for any serious advantage player. We talk some about the book, and also some recent cases in... Read more »
  • Podcast – guest Anthony Curtis
    Our guest this week is Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, and owner of Huntington Press Publishing. This wee we discuss the changes going on with Gambling With an Edge, and the new website We also discuss this article on Advantage Players in the NY Times – How... Read more »
  • I Think My Card Might be Poisoned: What Now?
    After getting heat hitting a repeat target, my teammate Bullet sometimes says, “I’ve gotta go in there and find out if my player’s card is good.” Why? Why?? Why??? No! No!! No!!! First of all, do you really even need to know the answer to the question? When I try... Read more »
  • The Boss Just Sat at Our Table with Game On: What Now?
    A handful of times in my career, a boss has sat down at our table while my BP and I were playing a target game. Many players have never experienced that scenario, and completely panic when it happens for the first time. They’re not even sure what to make of... Read more »
  • Podcast – guest blackjack player Romes
    Our guest this week is blackjack player, Romes. Romes has been playing blackjack, and carnival games for about 10 years. We talk about some of his team’s exploits.  podcast Click to listen – Alt click to download The post Podcast – guest blackjack player Romes appeared first on Gambling With An... Read more »