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Colin & Ben have been counting cards for over 10 years. It quickly transformed from a hobby to a profession when they teamed up, going on to run a multi-million dollar blackjack team. Blackjack Apprenticeship exists to provide the best training, community & resources online. Whether it’s a hobby or a source of income, the Pros at Blackjack Apprenticeship are here to help others master the craft of card counting.

  • Story of the Week: Be Careful of This When Playing Too Fast
    by “Spartan” I’m a fast player. When I tested at the boot camp with Colin, I didn’t make a mistake. I placed my bets and made my decisions almost carelessly and without hesitation. I really wasn’t there to validate my skill. I knew my skill. I was there to show off. I... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Sometimes they can help you…
    by “AboutEven” I’m playing overseas in a casino where people routinely play behind the player. So a ploppy at the roulette table behind me starts putting bets behind mine. Fine with me. I play my regular game, win a few hands, and he starts raising his bets. Then I get a hard... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Dealers & Ploppies Say the Darndest Things
    by “blackvypre” Most of us have or will be at tables where information that is presented as fact is naive, making the informed nod and smile. Early yesterday I was at a table where a young dealer made a couple of comments that made me smile and one where I had to... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Carry On My Wayward Son
    by “brav0” So I’ve taken a break over the last 3 months or so to work on some other time consuming projects, and build the bankroll a bit so I can increase my hourly EV and that. However on a whim, I went in this previous weekend and I forgot how much... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Lesson Learned from Hitting “Trip Ruin”
    Last weekend I was actually in another part of the country, so I decided to make a visit to a casino about 2.5 hours North of where I was staying. Up until then I’ve had a pretty good string of positive variance from my first 40 hours of play so... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Funny Back Off
    by “ahickman2000” So I stuck around Vegas for a few days after the boot camp was over. I managed a back off at one downtown casino within 20 minutes of arrival. I guess they didn’t like my 1-30 spread. After that, I was a little more conservative with my spread at my... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: A Little Humor At The Table Today
    by “jcroxx111” Today I was quickly known as the guy that does not play the beginning of the game on DD pitch, but sometimes jumps in randomly with 2 spots. Most people were cordial with this and did not mind at all. One lady, not so much. I was also playing... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Going All In
    by “giovyledzep” What would you think if you received an email offering you a job position where it’s promised that every month you will make more money that most people make in a year, working fewer and flexible hours, while enjoying free food, luxurious hotel suites and many more perks? You would... Read more »
  • Story of the Week: Dealer From Hell
    by “ambj21” At my semi local casino there is a certain dealer I avoid. He deals very erratically almost like he is trying to be fast but everything he does has extra unnecessary movements. Tonight he taps in at a table I was already playing at and his first card ends up... Read more »
  • Is Card Counting Illegal?
    5 Things you should know about Card Counting:Card Counting is NOT cheating. Card counting is simply using your brain, like a winning chess player. Fortunately, using your brain is still perfectly legal in the US! There are a couple reasons why people think card counting is illegal. First off, TV and... Read more »