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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where Blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the Blackjack forums.

  • Betting Ramp Changes Based on Depth of Shoe
    Being a newbie, I'm just wondering if anyone makes changes to their betting ramps based on current penetration in the shoe? Example, if CVCX optimum bet shows to bet 5x at TC=1, that CVCX derived statistic covers the entire shoe range (i.e. early on, and late into... Read more »
  • 9 Sequencing Baccarat?
    Is this advantageous in any meaningful degree? After reading about Edward Thorpe's NAT9 sidebet, and this article: It got me thinking of how sequencing 9s in hand-shuffled shoe baccarat might be advantageous? For example, drawing a chart that comprises of 4 columns for each suite (S,C,D,H) of 9s within the shoe.... Read more »

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