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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where Blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the Blackjack forums.

  • It's been a month I started counting in BJ - so much frustration
    8-Deck (~69% penetration) BJ Pays 3-to-2 S17 DAS Resplit Aces (no double after splitting aces) Late Surrender Dealer Peeks on Aces & Tens for blackjack 1-10 Spread Zero heat (I go to a foreigner-only casino in Asia) (tables are always full - barely a chance to play heads on with the dealer)I am quite new to the Blackjack world... Read more »
  • Level 1 count versus Level 2 count
    While doing some SIMS today I noticed that when comparing the Red 7 count to the Hi Opt 2 count, HiOpt2 only narrowly edges out the Red 7. I was under the assumption that a level 2 count was better than a level one count. I have been... Read more »
  • CVData Multitracking
    How many seats are at the blackjack table in a multitracking sim?I am running a 3 player sim where each player has 2 hands. My player #2 is getting confusing data results. Really bad numbers that don't jive with the standard sims that I run for that player. I... Read more »
  • How is OSR calculated?
    OSR = Overall System Rating.Are there weights assigned to the PE, BC and IC?So say that a system has an overall score of 97.82 with IC = 0.920, PE = 0.668 and BC = 0.982. How did they get that? TIA.... Read more »
  • First year counting
    Hi everyone! I've almost completed my first year of counting.. Thank you all for the advice you've given me so far. In about a year, I've nearly doubled my bankroll. I'm back for more advice/ opinions. Here's my updated status and question:BR: ... Read more »
  • Want to travel the country and play Bj. Is getting an RV a good idea?
    I'm thinking about getting an RV to travel around the country to play bj. Like going on road trips for weeks at a time. Is this a good idea or is it better to get hotels? Has anyone here done this or know of anyone who has? What type of RV... Read more »
  • What constitutes "Perfect Play"?
    I didn't know whether to hijack Tarzan's thread or to create a new one. So, without risking injury on my part, (nor to sabotage the Ape Man's thread itself), I shall ask here.While there seems to be some recent discussion about this idea of "Perfect Play", it got me wondering... Read more »
  • Too Low of a Spread?
    Assuming I'm playing with a replenishable bankroll, is this spread too low to be effective? Any estimations on an approximate hourly rate (really interested to hear about this one, my guess is ~5-10$/hr)?(Hi-Lo, I18, 6D, DAS, double all, split up to 4 times, split aces up to 3, insurance, no... Read more »
  • Halves Indexes Looking for Early Surrender Indexes
    Hi, I use mainly Hi Lo, but sometimes when i can only play in tables with some people and slow and hard schuffle, i can use double halves (tag=1,2,2,3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-2). I do this for avoiding boredom also. I have all indexes from grosjean's book (beyond counting) though i dont have early surrender for... Read more »
  • Hi Opt II
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn Hi Opt II? I have been using a unbalance level one system for years, and I think it is worth the effort to learn a better system since i almost exclusively play double deck. It seems like it... Read more »
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