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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where Blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the Blackjack forums.

  • Do casinos really make mistakes by barring marginal counters?
    A comment made by houyi in a recent post caught my interest. He said: “I think we can all agree casinos waste their time on at least 90% of would-be counters, for a variety of reasons.” I’m starting a new thread since I don’t want to hijack his thread in... Read more »
  • Doubling 10 vs 10
    I know the index for doubling 10 vs 10 is +4, and I think the risk adverse index is +7. My question is at what count is this play positive EV? It’s my understanding that the index number to double is when the EV is greater for doubling than just... Read more »
  • When to use "0" indexes other than 16 v 10
    I truncate to calculate my true count, using the indexes from Professional Blackjack. However, I know to, and have always performed the 16 v 10 index based on the running count, meaning I hit at RC -1, even though the TC would be 0 and I should technically be standing according... Read more »
  • Hi Doc
    If you are reading this you found the right site. I hope I got you a little more interested in blackjack. The other blackjack site I recommended is They have free basic strategy charts there along with a blackjack trainer game. My personal feeling is this site is presently... Read more »
  • It's probably my Windows system, but, ..............
    Everyone, Many times when I hit "Reshuffle" CVBJ hangs. Or if it automatically reshuffles. I have Windows 10 Pro and have had a few problems with it. Anyways, I have plenty of processing power and RAM. Does anyone else have this? TIA. CVBJ Freezes.jpg Attached Images CVBJ Freezes.jpg (39.5 KB) ... Read more »
  • Meeting with Don
    Definitely an interesting event- Read more »
  • simulation help?
    hello i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me out with a screenshot of a simulation under the following conditions rules : H17, DAS, DA2, RSA, ES (full early surrender), ENHC. with one deck cut off out of six. 200 rounds per hour. Preferrably for small bankroll... Read more »
  • New Member...looking to learn
    Hi Guys, I am an experienced hockey bettor who has done well for himself in the past but for various reasons have decided to move on from it and have been bitten by the blackjack bug. I am still a true novice playing only at home or on the free online... Read more »
  • Standard error
    In CVData/CVCX, we have Standard Error on Win/hour. ScreenShot233.jpg How to evaluate StdErr on Win Rate by hand ? Win Rate by hand is in menu "statistics"->"hands"->"Win Rate" Attached Images ScreenShot233.jpg (13.9 KB) ... Read more »
  • One crafty veteran !
    Just goes to prove someone may be barred from a board, but still, able to respond to any post she/he wants. When someone wants to be heard, they will not be silenced!... Read more »

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