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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where Blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the Blackjack forums.

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    with the Anti-Androgen rejuvalex side effects Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (MPG). Moreover Propecia (Finasteride 1mg tablets) is now licensed in the United States of America and is available in this country under healthcare prescribed. This daily tablet markedly slows further decrease and in many of men encourages enhance those locations hair are... Read more »
  • Buy In
    Hello. When you first sit down at the table, how much do you buy in for?I'm a small stakes player. I prefer a $5 table. I play DD. I spread 1 - 8. I buy in $100. Is that too small? I'd rather look like a chump chasing... Read more »
  • Casino411 vs CBJN
    Someone posted this over at BJ21 which received no answers, maybe someone here has some insight.How does Casino411 compare with CBJN? Has anyone here have a feeling of which one is better.At one time there was something called TrackJack. I believe it failed. Seems like no one wanted to... Read more »
  • Pakistan access
    Due to a large number of SPAMs over the last couple days, a large swatch of Pakistan has been blocked. Shouldn't be a problem as there are no legal casinos there. Please report any problems.... Read more »
  • knowledge of next card to be dealt
    If you know the next card to be dealt at the beginning of a round and you sit at box 1, then you have an advantage or disadvantage according to the card's value as an initial card in your 2-card initial hand. We all know this to... Read more »
  • house edge on side bet
    A six deck game has a side bet that pays 11:1 on a pair on your first two cards. I estimate the house edge on this bet to be 15.3% (11 * 7.7% = .847). Is my estimate correct? If not, what is the house edge on this bet and... Read more »
  • Problem with Verite D
    Hi Norm, when I use the flash card drill sometimes the count will Be block by the information on the screen. is there anything I can do to fix it?? thanks ... Read more »
  • Video poker bankroll
    I have a place where if i deposit 2k they match me with 3k, then i need to coin in 450k in order to cash outMachine pay back 99.78% (8/5 As & 8s)How do i calculate the chance of me going broke (losing all 5k) before completing my needed 450k coin... Read more »
  • Ken Smith
    as a rectification for ICountNTrack, rectification being a big word for me, help me here Don, to whit: "As a side note I finally met Ken Smith, really nice fellow." Moved from "bannings" to a more apropos spot.... Read more »