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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where Blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the Blackjack forums.

  • Bankroll considerations - worthwhile poker video
    The you tube video is high high stakes poker. The interesting part is at 6.40 Mark. Tom Dwans comment, after losing a humungus pot, is very appropo. To the effect of - I’ll win most of those, but you have to be prepared for the losses - commentary relat8ng to... Read more »
  • Anybody know the house edge increase on this
    deleted figures answer out thanks... Read more »
  • Anyone new to blackjack or just play without counting?
    Obviously i am new and when reading through this thread as time goes on, i am definitely a ploppy but i do play basic strategy, still a ploppy though.I started with $1,000. Yes it took a few months.So with basic strategy and using a partial flat bet until i... Read more »
  • Mandalay Bay 8 deckers
    Just returned from a trip to Vegas and stopped at Mandalay while there. I was dismayed to find that their 2 deck pit had been swapped out for 8 deck games, dealer still hitting soft 17. I did not visit any other MGM property, but my suspicion would be that... Read more »
  • Curaçao casino cheating
    Casino "Hilton" and "Princess" use modified shoes. Second deal. Sur Ace.... Read more »
  • Cheating in Macedonia, "Le Grand Casino".
    Casino use a variation of the shuffle called the "Dovetail". Game the Black Jack, 7 decks. Read more »
  • Possible Error?
    I checked my count after a particular hand and I came up with RC12. But this is the hand:Possible Error.jpgThis is what it shows as the RC:Possible Error2.jpgRC4. I did check to see if I had the HiLo S17 strategy. I don't see how I could possibly... Read more »

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