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Blackjack The Forum is a friendly community where blackjack players of all skill levels are welcome. Discuss basic strategies to card counting and advanced techniques like shuffle tracking in the blackjack forums.

  • Newby here. Hi Lo system and when to bet high
    I have been practicing the hi lo method for half the year. I have a 6 deck shoe and practice about every day. I Know there is a point... Read more »
  • Counting Online Blackjack
    Hi, My first post to the forum and thought I would make a contribution!....the below table shows some optimal conditions for counting... Read more »
  • Permission denied
    It's about the Casino Verité Software. When I go to "History" and then "Playing Logs" i want to select "Excel".... but when I select... Read more »
  • Number of hands played
    Previous posted as CaptainJack. When wonging, is it better to do it in a beginning, middle or end of a session? I have done it to begin... Read more »
  • Quick question regarding DC area...
    Hi all, I currently find myself near Washington DC for a quick work trip, and have a night to kill. I've done the touristy stuff in the... Read more »
  • Damn, This Just Doesn't Seem Fair
    In reading about Pink Chip's desire to come to USA to play blackjack, I decided to check flight costs from Europe. You can get a flight... Read more »
  • Why never spl 5's on DAS at high TC's vs 6
    I can't understand this hard rule of never splitting 5's. If DAS and have extremely high TC's wouldn't this play make sense? It seems when... Read more »
  • How do you play 2 hands in cvbj simulator??
    Does anyone know how to play two hands on the simulator? I am having a great deal of trouble. Read more »
  • Average real bet including doubles and splits
    I am trying to calculate the average money waged over a time period. However I am having trouble because if you wage lets say 25$ each... Read more »
  • Expected value
    Disclaimer, not the ap captainjack. This is my last post on this account. Apologies to the ap captainjack I’m trying to explain to a... Read more »

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