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Global Summary of Business Development and Strategy in the Gaming Industry

  • Atlantic City: A Word of Caution
    Atlantic City is seemingly experiencing a resurgence.  Gaming revenue has grown year over year for the last two years after ten years of declines.  In 2018, total gaming revenue was up 8.7 percent and for December, a whopping 25 percent.  However, a word of caution, it may not be what… Read more »
  • It is Time to Adapt to the 21st Century for Wynn and Okada
    Steve Wynn and Kazuo Okada are two of the most successful men in gaming. Their careers span almost fifty years; each of them in his own way shaped the industry.  Wynn and Okada are the same age, born in 1942.  In the early 2000s, Wynn and Okada became partners when… Read more »
  • Brian Sandoval Moves On
    Beginning in 1996, Brian Sandoval was Nevada Assemblyman, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Attorney General of Nevada, a judge serving in the United States District Court or the District of Nevada and in 2011 he became Nevada’s 29th governor.  Throughout his twenty plus years in politics he was always… Read more »
  • Playing Loose and Fast with the Truth
    Imagine if you can, a 30-something couple sitting at a table in their local bar.  They are telling their friends about a trip they took recently.  In the story, the couple on vacation in a faraway place called The Strip, decided to go down to the hotel swimming pool.  It… Read more »
  • A Wild and Crazy Year for Gaming
    The narrative that has grabbed the most headlines and inches of copy in 2018 is sports betting.  The Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 in May, or as one clever headline put it – SCOTUS kicked PASPA to the curb. … Read more »
  • Are There Signs of Recovery in Atlantic City?
    The casinos in Atlantic City are having the best year they have had in ten years and some people are beginning to speculate the city is back on the road to prosperity.  For the first ten months of 2018, the casino win is $2.387 billion, up 5.76 percent from 2017. … Read more »
  • A Lottery Payroll Deduction; Speed Dialing Tax
    According to Wikipedia, speed dial is a function available on many telephone systems; it allows a person to place a call more quickly and with much less effort.  It is a great idea, a person no longer has to laboriously push all those buttons or touch numbers on a screen. … Read more »
  • Mass Shopping, Big Sales and the Thanksgiving Weekend
    Thanksgiving has become the busiest travel and shopping holiday of the year.  It is a great time for retail sales and travel destinations, but it is not without its potential liabilities.  In the long-term, those who benefit today may suffer and in the short-term other businesses are suffering now. Regardless… Read more »
  • Acquisitions, Mergers and REITs: The Way Things Are Done These Days
    The sales of three properties, Greektown in Detroit, Atlantic Club Casino in Atlantic City and Kentucky Downs in Kentucky, were announced in the same week.  Terms were not disclosed on the Atlantic Club or Kentucky Downs, but Greektown was reportedly sold for $1 billion to Penn National and VICI Properties. … Read more »
  • The Mid-Term Elections of 2018: Over at Last
    Whew, the mid-term elections are in the rear-view mirror.  It brings an end to incessant political advertisements and speeches, to a daily stream of emails soliciting support and the harassing robocalls.  The campaigning was intense, the rhetoric inflamed and the emotions strong – but it worked.  A record number of… Read more »
  • How a Founder’s Ball Became the Foundation of a Big Dance
    On October 23rd an article in the Becker Hospital Review reported on a casino-themed, charity fund raiser called the Founder’s Ball held in Brooklyn, New York.  The event was attended by 850 people and raised $1.5 million for the hospital.  The attendees wore formal attire and played blackjack, roulette, craps,… Read more »
  • The New Strip on the Atlantic Coast
    There are 38 casinos located in seven states between Boston and Washington, D. C.  The long line of casinos might easily be called a strip, not unlike the Strip.  On the Atlantic Strip, the casinos are being built as close to population centers as possible. Nearly all recent legislation has… Read more »
  • The Rio Rumor: True or False?
    There are rumors floating around Las Vegas that the Rio is for sale.  One rumor says there are several suitors and the property is already scaling back some operations in preparation for new bosses.  Another speculates the property is to be sold and demolished to make room for a major… Read more »
  • Sports, Media and Gambling Have a Common Cause
    In May, the United States Supreme Court ruled against a federal law banning sports betting.  With that ruling New Jersey, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia rushed to pass enabling legislation.  In June, sports betting began in New Jersey and Mississippi and West Virginia joined in August.   In August,… Read more »
  • Is Atlantic City a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes?
    Atlantic City Casinos See Revenue Soar in July: That was the headline from the Press of Atlantic City on August 15th. It screamed out a phoenix-like rise of Atlantic City from the depths of decline that began a decade ago.  According to the Press, the nine casinos operating in Atlantic… Read more »

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