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Global Summary of Business Development and Strategy in the Gaming Industry

  • Cheating Slots in the 21st Century
    At a meeting recently, an associate asked me about a slot scam that had taken place in 2014. The case was reported by Wired Magazine in February in intriguing detail.   The described incident took place in St. Louis where a man played slots for two or three days always winning,... Read more »
  • Every Casino’s Nightmare is Here!
    Our worst nightmare has happened; a casino in the Philippines was the target of an armed attacker.  In a world dominated by real and imagined terror attacks, everyone is worried about the potential of an attack in their immediate environment.  As London reels from yet another attack, most cities are... Read more »
  • A Not So Grand Bargain
    The Illinois legislature is attempting to devise a compromise budget bargain that will satisfying both political parties and the governor.  The state is in a two and half year budget crisis that started when Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed the first budget of his term in office in 2015. In fact,... Read more »
  • Up, Up and Away – Maybe
    The revenue crisis in Macau seems to have ended.  Gaming revenues have been rising for nine months after plunging for twenty-six months.  Until May 2014, casino revenues in Macau had increased month over month for ten years, peaking at $45 billion.  Up to that point there seemed to be no... Read more »
  • A City and an Industry in Transition
    The casino industry has changed dramatically since the 1980’s when I worked at the Comstock Hotel and Casino.  In those days, Reno was a vibrant, growing and expanding casino market; it was the number three gaming market in the country after Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  The picture is very... Read more »
  • A Battle Begins in Earnest in Oregon and Washington
    On Monday, April 24th, the Cowlitz Indian Tribe’s casino opened.  Impatient crowds chanted Open! Open! Open! during the formal ribbon cutting ceremony.  The crowds had been lining up for hours waiting for the doors to open and the state police reported an 8-mile long traffic jam of cars waiting to... Read more »
  • An Update on the Current Status of Gaming Expansion Legislation
    With one quarter of 2017 in the books, it is a good time to look at the state of gaming expansion in the country.  As of the middle of April, eight states – Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Hampshire, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, Texas and South Carolina have bills or initiatives to expand... Read more »
  • And, It Has Only Been Thirty Years
    Indian gaming is big business and getting bigger every year.  According to the annual Casino City Report by Alan Meister, the 474 tribal casinos generated $30.5 billion in gaming revenue in 2015, an increase of 5.5 percent over 2014.  By way of comparison, non-tribal casinos and VLTs produced $35.9 billion. ... Read more »
  • A Pig, a Panda and a Cat Rolex in Vegas
    Rolex you say? Yep, “to Rolex” is when you go to a Rolex store with a sledge hammer, break the windows, take whatever you want and go on your merry way.  It happened Saturday March 25th in Las Vegas.  The store is located in the Bellagio, so even at one... Read more »
  • Gambling Addiction…Who Is Responsible Anyway?
    Problem gambling and addicted gamblers will always be an issue for the gaming industry.  It is an issue that catches headlines and undermines the industry credibility.  It is an issue that industry insiders should put more time and money into understanding and mitigating.  In a recent case in Nebraska a... Read more »
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