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Global Summary of Business Development and Strategy in the Gaming Industry

  • Sands Bethlehem Announces Sale for the Second Time
    Las Vegas Sands sold its property in Pennsylvania to an Indian tribe from Alabama.  On the surface the story is pretty straightforward, but it does have some interesting twists and turns.  The Poarch Band of Creek Indians through its affiliate, Wind Creek Hospitality, has agreed to buy Sands Bethlehem for... Read more »
  • Japan Moves into the Casino Business
    Japan is embarking on a casino adventure and it is carving its own unique path.  In December, the Japanese Diet passed initial enabling legislation.  The law as it stands is too vague and could not be implemented without more structure. It needs the where, when, how many, how much and... Read more »
  • Pennsylvania Reverses Directions and the CDC Newsroom Responds
    CDC Gaming Reports has matured over the last 15 years. It has grown from being the distributor of a single report, the Adams Daily Report, to a news outlet that five days a week publishes the early morning Flash, mid-day Adams Daily Report and the late afternoon Last Call.  And... Read more »
  • Can Wynn Resorts Find Its Way Out Of This Quagmire?
    It is almost impossible to avoid talking about Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts these days. Wynn has always been an important figure in gaming, a marketing genius and a game changer.  But, since January 26th, Wynn has transcended the gaming industry, becoming an international headline.  The Wall Street Journal, New... Read more »
  • Handle versus Win: A Case of Mistaken Identity
    Many people confuse handle and win, equating handle with gross income and therefore a suitable target for taxation.  However, handle is not the equivalent of revenue in other industries, nor is win when it comes to taxation.  In retail, revenue is a straightforward concept; it is the money generated by... Read more »
  • A Gambler Turns Unwittingly Terrorist
    Recently, police in New York arrested a man for making terrorists threats.  The 47-year-old Wayne County resident was found sleeping on a couch in the lobby of the Del Lago casino. When casino security discovered him sleeping, they called the police. He had been previously banned from the casino for... Read more »
  • Finding Something to Trust in a Distrustful World
    The times we are living in are times of distrust.  We do not trust the news, but we do believe in false news and we suspect all media of fostering it upon us.  Conspiracy theories abound and many people are willing to accept the idea that there is a conspiracy... Read more »
  • Sports Betting: A Gaming Industry Instant Replay
    There is no instant replay in real life as there is in sports, regardless of how much we would like to see something one more time.  However, observers in the gaming industry may be on the verge of a replay.  The Supreme Court is considering the legality of a New... Read more »
  • An Anniversary in Macau Shines a Light on Changes in Atlantic City
    MGM Macau just turned ten years old; a celebration was held to honor the 1,900 employees who have been with the casino since day one.  MGM Macau has a total of 8,900 employees, but on January 29th, that number is likely to double when MGM Cotai opens.  CEO Jim Murren... Read more »
  • Bridgeport Is Lost and Then Found Again
    In November, during MGM’s third quarter earnings call, CEO James Murren announced a change in strategy for the corporation.  Murren said that after a very aggressive decade of expansion and construction, MGM would no longer be seeking opportunities in new markets, except in Japan.  If MGM does nothing more than... Read more »

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