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Global Summary of Business Development and Strategy in the Gaming Industry

  • Finding Something to Trust in a Distrustful World
    The times we are living in are times of distrust.  We do not trust the news, but we do believe in false news and we suspect all media of fostering it upon us.  Conspiracy theories abound and many people are willing to accept the idea that there is a conspiracy... Read more »
  • Sports Betting: A Gaming Industry Instant Replay
    There is no instant replay in real life as there is in sports, regardless of how much we would like to see something one more time.  However, observers in the gaming industry may be on the verge of a replay.  The Supreme Court is considering the legality of a New... Read more »
  • An Anniversary in Macau Shines a Light on Changes in Atlantic City
    MGM Macau just turned ten years old; a celebration was held to honor the 1,900 employees who have been with the casino since day one.  MGM Macau has a total of 8,900 employees, but on January 29th, that number is likely to double when MGM Cotai opens.  CEO Jim Murren... Read more »
  • Bridgeport Is Lost and Then Found Again
    In November, during MGM’s third quarter earnings call, CEO James Murren announced a change in strategy for the corporation.  Murren said that after a very aggressive decade of expansion and construction, MGM would no longer be seeking opportunities in new markets, except in Japan.  If MGM does nothing more than... Read more »
  • Sports Betting: Rethinking Some Old and Cherished Positions
    The Supreme Court is hearing a case in December that may well lead to legalized sports gambling in many states.  As the hearing nears, a chorus of voices advocating an end to a federal ban on sports betting are singing what for many of them is a new song that... Read more »
  • The Joys of Living in China’s Shadow
    Macau is an intriguing casino destination filled with gamblers, scammers and legal uncertainty.  The casinos generate significantly more casino revenue than any other place on earth. Macau gaming revenues are forecasted to hit $36 billion in 2018; that is three and half times the annual gaming revenue of the entire... Read more »
  • When Will the First New Casino Open in Pennsylvania?
    Pennsylvania is to have more casinos, but it is anyone’s guess when they will open. On October 30th, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill to increase gambling dramatically in the Keystone State.  The bill was part of the legislation passed during the budget process.  Pennsylvania has a $2.2 billion... Read more »
  • A New Mayor Proclaims A New Era In Atlantic City
    While the voters in New Jersey selected a new governor, the citizens of Atlantic City selected a new mayor.  Immediately after being elected mayor, Frank Gilliam proclaimed a new era for the city. The Democrat mayor-elect is replacing the unlucky Republican, Don Guardian who was a one-term mayor whose time... Read more »
  • Losing the Paddle Wheel and the Captain
    Riverboat gaming is undergoing change, evolving away from its beginning.  Riverboat gambling states are revisiting the legislation and regulations hoping to make the casinos safer and more competitive.  Riverboats are the product of difficult financial conditions in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  States on the Mississippi River or one... Read more »
  • Illinois VLTs Now Exceed Casinos in Taxes Generated
    Illinois has just seen a changing of the guard; in fiscal year 2017 VLT tax revenue exceeded that of the state’s ten casinos for the first time.  The change has been a long time coming, but it is here to stay.  The act that created a legal VLT industry in... Read more »
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