Blackjack & Other Tournaments in Australia (c1999)

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By Mike Van Emmerik

See also my general Blackjack NotesAustralian casinos, and Blackjack Conditions in Australia.

This page attempts to list the blackjack and other tournaments in Australia that I find out about. It is by no means complete, though I’ll list any tournaments that I find out about.
The Wednesday Night Blackjack tournaments are back at Jupiters!

All money in this table is in Australian dollars (worth around US$0.62 as of January 1999, and somewhat volatile).

As far as I know, all tournaments in Australia are of the type where you play against only the players at your own table (you do not have to finish with a higher bankroll than players at other tables). I believe that there are no secret bets (bets made on paper and not revealed to other players until all other bets are made).

WC = Wild Card. One player is drawn from those that come second (e.g. War of Nerves) or third (e.g. Ultimate Challenge) to make the 7th spot at the final.

An explanation of the levels column: the first number is the number of levels, e.g. 4 means 2 heats, a semi final, and a final. The numbers in brackets indicate how many players advance to the next level, e.g. 2/7 means that there are 7 players at each table, and the first and second place winners advance. 3/6-7 means there may be 6 or 7 players at the table (it’s just luck if you get a table with only 5 other players). 1/5-6 + WC means that only the first place winners advance to the final, plus one wild card player drawn from those who come second in the semi final. The number of players at each level is generally not advertised. These are my best guesses, but casinos usually reserve the right to vary the number of players per level.


Casino and City 

Final Prizes 

Entry Fee / Buy In 


Max Ent 




War of Nerves 


Jupiters 1800 074-888 
07 5592 8282 

Broadbeach, Gold Coast 


No buy in 

$25 – $1000 (non value chips)2944 (2/7, 2/6, 1/4 + WC, then final)July each yearWelcoming gift, cocktail party (entrants only), discount room.
Ultimate Challenge 


1800 074-888 

Broadbeach, Gold Coast 


No buy in 

$25 – $1000 (non value chips)984: 
2/7 + WC, then final)
Late November each yearCocktail party for entrant and guest, 
2 nights free accomodation
Blackjack Challenge 
(Club Conrad only)
1800 074-888 
Broadbeach, Gold Coast
$75,000 (Total prize pool $115,000)$5000 

No buy in 

 21  Contact Val Saunders (+61 7) 5592 8322
Wednesday Night BlackjackJupiters 
1800 074-888 
Broadbeach, Gold Coast

No buy in 

$25 – $1000 (non value chips)844: 
then final)
nights; e.g. 17 Feb – 12 May 1999.
1st-3rd placegetters play off in a Winner’s Challenge. Prize $10,080.
Blackjack challengeSheraton Townsville 
07 4722 2332
$1,500 first prize$100 
No buy in 
Non value (?)182: 2/7 
then final
Last Wednesday of every second monthAlternates with a $1800 roulette tournament (last Wednesday of alternate month)
Casino Club TournamentCanberra 
1800 806-833 
Around $1500 in prizes$25 
No buy in

Sorry, no details 

No details 
Blackjack Dollar SevensAdelaide 

$250,000 $50,000 $25,000 $15,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 

Free, but entrants must win 3 suited 7s at regular Dollar SevensNon value chips492 (1/7 then final)Approx every 90 daysFree entry (well, part of the payoff for regular blackjack Dollar Sevens)

First to play

Australian casinos seem to deal the cards in a non standard order. Normally, (in a tournament), the person who bets first (the person with the “first bet” marker) is dealt his/her cards first, then the person to that player’s left, and so on till the person at the first player’s right. The person who bets first also makes his playing decisions (hit, stand, spit, or double) first as well. This can be important, and that is why in other countries the penalty of playing first is shared around the table, just like the penalty of betting first is shared.

Reduced subscriptions


has been generous in the past with topping up the prize pool for tournaments that have less than the maximum number of entrants. At the 1995 Ultimate challenge, for example, there were only 96 of the nominal 108 entrants. The management topped up first prize, and the others fell by less than 10%. Other casinos have different policies; for example at Breakwater where the total prize pool is smaller, the shortfall affects first place only. For the minimum number of entrants (12), this means that $24,000 is shared among the finalists, leaving $12,000 (a $10,000 profit) for first place.

Other types of tournaments

Although I have never entered one, Australian casinos also offer tournaments for other games. For example, Breakwater offers tournaments for baccarat twice a year. There are also roulette tournaments, and possibly others.

Canberra casino offers poker tournaments that attract international entrants. See for example the February 1999 schedule.

Adelaide casino hosts the Australian Poker Championship in October each year, with several satellite tournaments (various games).

Sharaton Townsville offer a roulette tournament on the last Wednesday of every second month, starting 29th April 1998. Entry fee is $100, with a first prize of $1,500 (assuming 18 entrants).

Crown casino have a large poker program now. Contact the poker room direct on (03) 9292 5797. See for example the January 1999 Holiday schedule.

Wrest Point are soon to have tournaments(?) for Caribbean Stud Poker and and Dice Track.

Other information

See also Australian casinos, and Blackjack Conditions in Australia. .

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