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This section is intended to show player and/or team losses. I doubt if you will see too many entries here. Most blackjack card counters would rather not report those type of events. But occasionally, some do become known. Yes, we know, some of the entries below are not blackjack related. Anyone want to submit a big loss and story? Some interesting casino crimes are shown below though.

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On this day in 1974, an Italian loses a record $1,920,000 at roulette in Monte Carlo. [ Chronology of Gambling: Today in History database, circa 1999 ]

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On this day in 1992, employee Bill Brennan stole $225,000 cash and $283,000 in casino tokens from the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.  This was probably the largest theft in Las Vegas history.  He was never caught. [ Loose Change, Nov 1992, Vol 15, Num 11, Page 13 ]


On this day in 1993, a man and woman jumped into the back of an armored truck destined for Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas.  Twelve years later the woman would turn herself in but the $2.5 million from the truck was gone. (NBC News)


On this day in 1994, an armed robbery at the Holiday Casino in Las Vegas took place.  Young gang members stole $97,000.


On this day in 2000, two men jumped over the cashier cage counter at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, stealing over $160,000.  They would later be caught and convicted and one was found dead in his cell. (Las Vegas Sun)


On this day in 2010, Anthony Carleo, wearing a motorcycle helmet, enters the poker cage at the Suncoast Casino in Las Vegas. He pulls a gun and walks away with $20,000 in cash.  He will become known as the "Biker Bandit". (Las Vegas Sun)


On this day in 2010, Anthony Carleo, aka "The Biker Bandit", rides up to the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.  He walks to a craps table, pulls a gun, and steals $1.5 million in chips.  He would later be caught trying to sell a $25,000 chip to an undercover officer. - (Las Vegas Sun)


On this day in 2011, also known as Black Friday, the United States DOJ filed criminal cases against the founders of the three largest online poker companies, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Cereus (Absolute Poker/Ultimatebet), and a handful of their associates, which alleged that the defendants violated the (UIGEA) and engaged in bank fraud and money laundering to process transfers to and from their customers. [ Wikipedia ]


On (or about) this day in 2019, a man playing blackjack at the Oaklawn Casino in Hot Springs, Arkansas, stole over 30 purple $500 chips.  Unfortunately for the criminal, he used his player's card and was immediately identified and arrested. [ ]

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