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Basic Strategy App Results

Every page on the Blackjack Review Network web site has a small app that will calculate the correct basic strategy for a given dealer up-card and player hand.  You will find this app at the bottom of every page. Click on the link below to view it now!

Blackjack Basic Strategy AppIf you notice any problems with the app, please  report it here.   This app was originally written by Henrik Rasi and modified extensively by Michael Dalton.

This app gives the correct basic strategy for a multi-deck game.  The default rule is S-17 (dealer stands on soft-17) but you will be informed of any H-17 fine points and both the DAS (double after splits allowed) and no-DAS decisions are provided.  Also, direct links to all color charts (multi-, double- and single-deck are provided.

For more information and other charts, check out the basic strategy section in the Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One.

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