Ed Thorp: Kelly Criterion


by Edward O. Thorp
Edward O. Thorp and Associates
Newport Beach, CA  92660
Copyright 1997


The central problem for gamblers is to find positive expectation bets.  But the gambler also needs to know how to manage his money, i.e. how much to bet.  In the stock market (more inclusively, the securities markets) the problem is similar but more complex.  The gambler, who is now an “investor”, looks for “excess risk adjusted return”.  In both these settings, we explore the use of the Kelly criterion, which is to maximize the expected value of the logarithm of wealth (“maximize expected logarithmic utility”).

The author initiated the practical application of the Kelly criterion by using it for card counting in blackjack.  We will present some useful formulas and methods to answer various natural questions about it that arise in blackjack and other gambling games.  Then we illustrate its recent use in a successful casino sports betting system.  Finally, we discuss its application to the securities markets where it has helped the author to make a thirty year total of 65 billion dollars worth of “bets”.


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