Chapter 8: Health Tips

Blackjack Therapy by Clarke Cant

Chapter 8, Amazing health tips and test of your attitudes to health. Yes too, plans to build and muscle relaxer and blood cleanser.

By now the intricacies of what it would take to drive every ounce of profit out of ST have taken their toll. You want to relax and unwind and let the tension out of your muscles. This chapter is for you. It is also going to provide a lot of cheap shots, but what the hell you bought the book and are entitled I guess. I am writing this damn thing and still playing because I still have symptoms of a conective tissue disease called fibromeleosis, a serious form of fibromyalgia, and occasionally some symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will surface as well. I will suddenly feel tired and some serious autoimmune problems will develop if I don’t rest right away. At the same time I have to stay in shape and exercise or face scarring around muscles and joints. Any 9 to 5 job is ladden with pitfalls. Not even with the Disabled Americans Act is it possible for most employers to accommodate this problem. Casinos and playing blackjack gives me the freedom to live life to the full. But rest assured it has not been easy and there have been several alternative remedies that have helped along the way.

But what is your attitude about seeking alternatives? Believe it or not people do in fact die from literally hundreds of diseases that have remedies that are unusual. Examples abound from unusual cancer claims to heart resection surgeries that once were out of favor, but are now are standard for cardiac insuficiency.

But don’t take my word for it. Dr. Richard Sullivan was the US Surgeon General under president George Bush, and a former director of the American Cancer Society, and had some very unusual views on alternative therapies, despite his position, in his fairwell speech to the ACS on medical research ethics.

He talked about Alternative Cancer Therapies being ignored that often, freely admitting it, everyone knew worked, but were supressed or ignored, simply because they could not be used with normal definitions of medical ethics. He singled out the Gerson Diet therapies for cancer, saying that all research confirmed every detail in the claims, Gerson made, in his book, Results of 50 Cases, but that together no doctor could feel comfortable using them, in that taken as a whole the Gerson methods would preclude conventional treatments, that might be also needed in various emergency situations. He also talked about treatments that were well known to have good results, but which could not be tested in any double blind studies.

The death of actor Steve McQueen is a perfect example of this. McQueen did not actually die of cancer, despite claims of his widow later on. His previous wife, Ali McGraw stood by his decision to seek laetrile therapy and a diet much like the Gerson therapies in Tijuanna Mexico. The preponderence of evidence is that his lung cancer had died and that he was nearly free of cancer, his tumors dead, before he died. The actual cause of death was allergy to anesthesia during emergency surgery to remove DEAD tumor tissues that had floated around his chest cavity, and were interupting heart beat. Even the most successful alternatives in medicine are going to have interactive risks.

Are you really ready to take responsibility for your health and the possible results of your decisions? Is your family going to second guess your decisions in an emergency? The reason I bring all of this up in a blackjack book is that your attitudes about health are going to say a lot about your attitudes toward success and whether or not you should even be playing in a casino. They are about as good a test as any of some of your possible hidden agendas. Along the way, in this chapter that point is going to be raised again and again as we look at simple methods and devices that can relieve your casino stress, and enhance your wellbeing, and some say save your life from certain conditions and diseases.

I used to hate Radio Shack ™ for their convienience and the fact that their prices were always 40% higher than mail order. I grew up making it a holy crusade to shop lift from them as much as possible. But if you needed that part now they were always there and their tech support used to be the finest anywhere. The parts given can be found there and at outlets such as JDR Microdevices, Digikey and Electronics Surplus, among others. Some parts can even be dumpster dived. The text description of the circuitry of the first device you will probably want to draw out, and some soldering is required in both. One is a pulsing device that helped me relieve muscle pain and scarring. The other is a deep tissue magnetic device that has the same results. Both are designed to mildly electroporate (ionize or electrify if you will but not that much) your body, so that pain signals are blocked and various toxins are more easily removed.

Parts list:

  • 2 100 ohm resistors
  • 1 1 meg variable linear resistor
  • 1 100 mfd electrolytic capacitor
  • 1 500 mfd electrolytic capacitor
  • 1 small LED virtually any type will do
  • 1 small signal general purpose PNP transistor
  • 1 small signal general purpose NPN transistor
  • 1 9 volt battery and clip (clip can come from an old 9 volt battery)
  • 1 8 ohm to 1 Kilo ohm audio transformer
  • 1 500 Kilo ohm resistor
  • 2 aligator clips
  • misc. wire and etc.

the resistors can be any small signal type.

The connections are base of the NPN transistor to the negative lead of the 100 mfd capacitor and one side of the variable resistor, and one side of the 500 K ohm resistor. The emitter of the NPN transistor is to ground. The other end of the 100 mfd capacitor and the center terminal of the variable resistor are connected to the collector of the PNP transistor and one side of one of the 100 ohm resistors. The collector of the NPN transistor is connected to the other 100 ohm resistor. The other lead of this resistor is connected to the cathode (negative side) lead of the LED. The other lead of the LED goes to the base of the PNP transistor. The unconnected lead of the 500K resistor, the emitter of the PNP transistor and the positive lead of the 500 mfd capacitor are connected to the positive connector of the 9V clip (the is the female connector for the clip and the male connector of a 9 V battery). The remaining lead of the remaining 100 ohm resistor is connected to one of the 8 ohm imp. leads of the audio transformer. The other lead of the transformer is connected to ground as is the other battery clip terminal. Two light gauge multistrand wires are connected to the two 1K ohm imp. leads of the transformer and to the gator clips (and I solemnly swear that any print version will have nicely illustrated diagrams). I generally use 2 of my watches as electrodes and place them over a sore muscle. In about 2 or 3 minutes the barely perceptable pulses, which can be adjusted, just watch the LED to verify the device is pulsing, will cut pain and inflamation without the muscle jerking of higher voltage devices of similar design have. Please use this device only with battery power.

The other device takes any camera strobe flasher. A coil has to be made or converted somehow, but the 2 best solutions I found are the coils of old larger woofer speakers, or taking a spool of magnet wire and rewinding it onto a same size spool. It is recommended that you use lots of shoe “goo”, goop”, or the clear version of “liquid nails” around the soldering you do for this device. After the coil is wound, with that option, or the voice coil is extracted from the woofer, wrap the coil liberally with electricians black tape, every way you can. Now take the flash apart and find one of the leads going to the small strobe unit. Cut one and solder speaker size wire, or small diameter lamp cord to the two parts of the cut. You should then use the original batteries or solder new power leads to the old battery leads. Even the small flash units in disposable cameras will have enough power. Place the coil in a small plastic sandwich bag and over the painful area. Use the original flash leads or traces and wire in a small switch. There will be a thump when the flash is triggered (also fun for shooting small bolts across the room and bulk erasing video tapes).

Now for another attitude review (in a sneaky way you are testing yourself as you read this in a near subliminal fashion). Just like Dr. Sullivan mentioned in his speech this type of device has other well known and researched properties that both work and there is no way in hell the FDA will ever approve (but might wink at).

Charles Ostman is perhaps the world’s leading authority on nanotechnology, or the science of very small machines. This field runs from small robotic devices, now used by the US customs service (he designed them reportedly, but this is a grey area, not classified but still highly compartmentalized), to motors that can be etched onto microchips, to having viruses modified to produce tiny screws and other microparts. He stated on a recent Art Bell program, “all viruses depend on one or more of the outer protein sections acting as a spring and thrusting the body of the virus through the cell membrane.” (check the audio archives on

Dr. Kaali has done research at the Einstein School of Medicine in the area of virus destruction using small microcurrents, in the test tube and body, that are able to cause the spring section of individual virons to jam open and cause the virus to not be able to enter cells. Unless the FDA has somehow blocked the site, despite everything checking out, has most of the papers alleging that such devices also do the same thing with the AIDS virus. Most of the material is prepared by a gentleman named Beck. He writes similar snide remarks, but well researched, as is my style, about the hidden agendas even AIDS patients have about life and death, that speak of hidden suicides by patients even after they have remissions from such treatments from such devices. The AIDS virus has a site, labeled Lp5, that is its spring.

That is why I have included this discussion. If an AIDS patient, literally watching their body rot away from opportunistic infections that would in most of us only cause an itch or skin rash, can have such powerful hidden self destructive agendas, are you sure about yourself?? Can you really walk the knife edge of playing blackjack, where results really don’t mean a damn thing until 100s of hours of play and yet where you have to be totally engaged to keep the count (this is why too I put this section after the section on ST)? Can you really say you are ready to play until you are able to accept the consequences of your actions and are not going to blame others or break away from any authorities?

Now the test! If your thoughts were that somehow you would not use such a device in the face of AIDS, until it was absolutely proven you are not ready. Equally so, if you were not ready to accept the dangers etc. But without the distraction of this presentation those thoughts would have remained buried, if this were just another examine yourself presentation.

Well the devices do work well getting rid of those aching muscles from being in those stools too long. Try to set time aside to also practice whatever form of meditation that your religion (or lack there-off) allows you. This can be as simple as simply sitting up, (upright positions usually are best) and closing your eyes. In no system of meditation do you try to force yourself to relax though in some you may use a chant-like thought, to divert your normal thoughts. Don’t fight those thoughts. Instead let them flow freely until they fade and allow your mind to get quiet. Now enjoy the quiet. Some may even become interested in Remote Viewing from this. I really think it is useless for blackjack, but the training tapes by Ed Dames are accurate but all of the scientology type terms he uses put me off. Any search engine will take you to his online texts I think. The best instruction is probably Joseph Moneagle’s. Try it if you wish. Good luck!!

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