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We are now offering sponsorship opportunities on the Blackjack Review Network.   Contact editor@bjrnet.com for more details and to request a quote.  See below for the basic details and for cost examples.

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We are offering a sponsorship link on each page with a banner and/or text link option:

  • You can now sponsor a page on the Blackjack Review Network.
  • In addition to a text link, an “optional” banner or text link may be placed at the BOTTOM of the page reading “This page sponsored by xxxxxxxxx“.


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Costs and Periods:

  • Minimum time period is 2 months.
  • All costs must be paid up front. 
  • Changes to the text or link during a campaign costs $10 per occurrence.
  • Discounts offered for multi-page sponsorship.
  • Possible lower costs for infrequently visited pages.


  • We reserve the right to increase or lower rates.
  • If we lower rates your campaign will be extended for free.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a paid campaign at any time with a refund of unused time.
  • We reserve the right to change our sponsorship policies at any time.
  • We support PayPal processing.  All payments should be made to orders@bjrnet.com or you can you use the donation button above.  Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover card can also be used through PayPal.

Advertising and Sponsorship OpportunitiesSponsorship Opportunities


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