Will Casinos Ban You If You Win Too Much?

By Sadie Smith.

Casino games are a popular pastime that many people partake in. There’s just something about the chance that you could hit it big and your whole life could change in the blink of an eye. We all know or have heard of individuals where it seems as if luck itself follows them around.

Will casinos ban you if you win too much?

It does not matter what games they play, it always seems that more often than not, they come out on top. In these cases, can the casino take action and ban players — without any foul play involved?

After all, the only real crime they have committed is being rather successful at the game or very lucky at the least. The truth is, most casinos are privately owned businesses and theoretically speaking, they are completely within their rights to ban a player if they win too frequently. That said, the times this does happen it is quite a rare occurrence.

Why Do Casinos Not Ban Players Solely Based on a High Success Rate?

Despite some claims, casinos don’t typically ban players outright without a good reason. Usually, there is something else at play causing them to arrive at that conclusion. The fact is, any casino wants more people to walk through their doors.

They want you to come and have a pleasant gaming experience. When people enjoy something, they are more likely to return and spread the word about their experience. Every casino hopes to welcome a person back a second time, hopefully with some friends and family at their side.

On the other side of the coin — in this case a casino chip — if they are known for solely banning people with a high success rate, they will get a bad reputation. Thus, resulting in them having less business.

Statistically speaking, the odds of someone going to a casino multiple times and consecutively winning big are highly unlikely. Therefore, if a player is banned because of a high win rate, it is typically not the primary reason.

For example, the casino could suspect the player of rigging the system in their favor which would explain the high success rate. Or the casino picked up on irregular betting patterns.

In either case, an investigation would usually follow where the casino would try to understand why the strange occurrence took place. As long as a person follows a casino’s guidelines, people do not need to fear being banned, even if they experience more luck every now and then.

What About Anonymous Casinos?

If people are truly worried a casino — whether physical or online — might ban them solely based on win rate, they could try no-KYC casinos. As financial and gambling expert Kane Pepi explains, these are online casinos that offer anonymous play and that do not require the bettor to go through the standard know-your-customer (KYC) procedures.

This means that the player does not have to provide the anonymous casino with a lot of information to get started. In reality, these casinos are not much different from regular/online casinos.

However, they do come with the added benefit of players skipping the KYC procedures while still allowing them to play Blackjack and other games from their homes similar to a normal online casino. Thus, receiving a ban for only having a high win rate is highly unlikely as players are wagering under relatively anonymous conditions.

However, any casino that suspects foul play, could implement procedures to rectify the matter. For example, if they think a player is using an illegal advantage, instead of outright banning them, they could limit the amount the person can bet.

However, what they choose to do is completely up to them. If they do catch an individual exploiting the rules, they are within their rights to ban the player, close their account, and confiscate any winnings.

What Happens When a Casino Bans a Player?

In the event of a player breaking the conditions laid out by the casino, the institute will have to take action. Firstly, casino security will escort the individual off the premises. In many cases, the casino does not even need to provide a reason for the ban. 

If the player was caught utilizing an illegal advantage, they would also need to part ways with the winnings they obtained during their playtime. Then, the casino would flag the person’s identity and they would be prohibited from returning. Security staff would also need to familiarize themselves with the individual’s looks to ensure they can’t come back in.  

With online casinos, they would suspend the player’s account immediately if they suspect foul play. Like regular casinos, a reason for the ban is not always provided. However, the person can talk to customer support to find out why this occurred.

Oftentimes, the individual can submit an appeal, but there is no guarantee the ban will be lifted.

If you were to join a new establishment and it is licensed by the same institute as your previous casino, they could also ban you.

In this case, it is essential to check what license the online casino operates under — for instance, the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gambling Authority.

4 Common Reasons Why Casinos Ban People

As previously stated, casinos are not in the business of handing out bans left and right. They only do so under specific conditions. Here are four common reasons why they could resort to banning a player.

1.   Violating The Law

Understandably, if a player is found breaking the law, it is likely that they would also receive a ban. If a casino caters to individuals who violate the law, they could face all sorts of legal troubles and even large fines. Thus, strict measures are implemented to ensure this does not happen.

2.   Rigging Games 

People rigging casino games is one of the most common reasons for player bans. Both physical and online casinos have zero tolerance for this behavior. If someone is caught exploiting gaming rules or using unfair systems in any way, they can expect that a ban is imminent.

3.   Irregular Betting Patterns

If a casino discovers that someone is displaying suspicious betting behavior, they can often take action against that player. For instance, if someone makes several small bets and then decides to make a large and successful one, it could flag the casino’s system.1)EDITOR NOTE: Of course, card counting may be possible online in a live dealer dealt game.  Betting small when the count is low and increasing your bet when the count is high could easily get you banned from playing these online blackjack games.

4.   Misconduct and Breaching Policies

If a bettor regularly causes trouble for a casino such as fighting with guests or breaking its rules, they could enforce a ban. As long as players behave appropriately and follow the casino’s guidelines, they are sure to have an enjoyable experience if not a little profitable.




1EDITOR NOTE: Of course, card counting may be possible online in a live dealer dealt game.  Betting small when the count is low and increasing your bet when the count is high could easily get you banned from playing these online blackjack games.

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