Does Decentralization Improve an Online Casino’s Safety?

By Dine Green.

When it comes to playing at an online casino, one thing that’s always paramount is your safety. This means both being able to play at a fair, regulated casino as well as having your personal and financial details kept safe away from prying eyes. And so we are going to look at decentralization today. We will examine briefly what it is and then look at how it can help and aid in improving an online casino’s safety.


Firstly, all cryptocurrencies, as a matter of process and logic, operate on a decentralized network. What this means is that it makes it possible for players to access a VPN crypto casino without any geographical restrictions. Meaning that if you’re based in a country where casinos and gambling are outlawed, you are able to access this website without any personal or digital risk.

That is not to say anyone should ‘break the law’ in their home jurisdiction. However, if a player wants to play at an online casino that lies OUT-of their jurisdiction, a VPN is one of the legal tools available online that can deliver. And if a crypto casino is indeed ‘VPN friendly’ then the chances of being ‘caught out’ by the authorities is indeed extremely remote.

How decentralization helps online safety

Two of the most common cryptocurrencies that are used in online casinos are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both of these operate on blockchain technology, which in itself is decentralized. What this means in terms of safety is that all transactions are anonymous but, at the same time, transparent and traceable. The technology that blockchain operates on means that every single transaction that is made on an online casino is recorded and is accessible to anyone who wants to see when the transaction was made and for what amount.

So how does this help when it comes to safety in online casinos? The transparency that this blockchain technology enables means that you, as a player in an online casino, can validate how fair the games are at that particular online crypto casino. Thus, you can then go on to assess and determine the integrity of an online casino’s operations. Essentially, it enables you, as the player, to be able to see if a casino is being fair when it comes to the games and if they are being regulated responsibly.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies being used in casinos, the market is still relatively young. It is rapidly becoming adopted across many online casinos; however, the future looks bright when it comes to the benefits that the blockchain technology itself can offer towards online casinos and also towards the players that play at these online crypto casinos. It also educates players on how to do their own due diligence and make sure that they are playing at a fair casino. By placing the ‘power’ in to the hands of the player in how they pay and how they can access online casinos, the player will have more personal choice and freedom.

In summary

Hopefully this brief guide today has given you an insight into what decentralization is and how the adoption of cryptocurrency in online casinos only serves to provide benefits with no downside. It will be exciting over the next few years as we start to see more and more online casinos start to adopt cryptocurrency as an accepted payment method.

It will also be interesting to see how advances in technology will allow blockchain technology and its fundamentals to improve the online and overall playing experience for players playing at online casinos that accept cryptocurrency so that they know they are protected.



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