What Has Made Online Blackjack Such A Popular Alternative?

By Ethan Samuels.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about whether online versions of blackjack were aiming to replace the in-person game. At the moment, the two sides seem to have found a healthy balance, with traditional players still preferring to stay hands-on, while digital enthusiasts are sticking to their online versions. It can’t be argued, however, that online blackjack hasn’t been exceptionally popular of late, so we’re going to look here at what got it to that point.

Added Extras

The basic form of blackjack is, at heart, a simple and clean game without many extra rules or bits tacked on, and this is part of the reason it has been so enduring. With that said, many people do look for extras in their gameplay and online blackjack is better positioned to offer that. In one aspect, that could be through incentives to play such as bonuses, free games or the like. Players just starting into the game properly will seek out things like the Paddy Power casino bonus as it gives them more to work with as they’re getting a feel for it.

Ace + Jack = Blackjack

Extras could also include new variants of the game for veteran players, such as All Bets Blackjack which lets players have up to six side bets active each round, or the live Quantum Blackjack game which adds slot-like multipliers to certain cards that change between hands. It means that there’s always something new to look at in the game.


The reality of the world is that, for as many casinos as there are out there, not everyone is going to have easy access to one. For instance, there is less than one casino in the UK for every half a million people. This means that even classic games like blackjack aren’t available to a majority of people on a regular basis, but this is an issue that online blackjack helps to solve.

With dozens of versions available that work on smartphones and other mobile devices, blackjack is now fully a game that can be played on the move. This doesn’t just mean virtual blackjack played by yourself either; there is an entire range of live blackjack games played alongside hundreds of others and a live host. It has never been more accessible.


It may seem like a smaller issue but for a lot of people, the speed at which you can jump in and jump out of the game matters a lot. It ties in with the convenience issue mentioned above, as being able to start and stop quickly is important if you’re playing on the move, for example.

Ace + Ten = Blackjack

Modern web programming via HTML5 naturally helps cut time between each round as winnings are calculated and new cards dealt nearly instantly. There is also the aspect of cashing out at the end. With an online casino, players can make withdrawals remotely, or just leave funds in the account for when they come back. You can feasibly play a hand and finish in just a couple of minutes.

The balance between new and old may shift in the coming years, but what is certain is that online blackjack is here to stay as part of the scene.

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