How to Protect Yourself From Online Gaming Fraud

By Marry Marvel.

Online games of chance are not only entertaining, they can also earn lucky winners considerable sums of money. Unfortunately, it happens time and again that fraudsters operate dubious online casinos and are happy to accept deposits from players, but do not pay out reliably. Personal data is also not adequately protected in such casinos. In this article, we would like to show you how to recognize fraudulent offers and protect yourself from problems when playing for real money online.

Online Gaming Fraud

Only choose reputable online casinos from the outset

Online gambling safety starts with choosing the right internet casino. Don’t just register at random, but think carefully about which provider you want to play with. With a bonus, you can even play well-known games such as Starburst, Big Bass Bonanza and many other games you can find at Wanted Win Casino, which provide excitement and offer good chances of winning. You can recognize whether you are well protected against fraud in a casino by the following points, among others:


An official licence1)EDITOR NOTE: The word “licence” is the British English spelling for “license”.  They mean the same thing. issued by a trustworthy regulatory authority means that an online casino is bound by strict regulations. For example, the funds in the player accounts must be managed separately from the casino operator’s assets. This ensures that you can withdraw your money even if the online casino becomes insolvent. Licensed casinos are regularly inspected by the responsible regulatory authority so that they can intervene quickly and protect users if problems should arise.

The standards for data protection are also regulated in the licence conditions. Your personal information may not be passed on to unauthorized third parties and is well protected from hackers thanks to encrypted data transmission.

Experiences of other players

Ask what experiences other players have had with the online casino. A casino whose customers are consistently satisfied is most likely reputable. If, on the other hand, there are numerous complaints from players, there will usually be a reason for this and you should look for another alternative. Of course, this does not apply to complaints from users who are simply frustrated that they have not won anything. After all, the games that are offered are games of chance in which there are both winners and losers. If, on the other hand, the complaint concerns unreliable payouts, problems with data protection or other points relevant to security, you should listen carefully.

Test reports from professionals

Of course, you can take a look at many online casinos yourself and research the licence and other security-related issues in detail. However, this involves a considerable amount of time and effort and, after all, you want to be able to play at some point. It is therefore advisable to consult test reports from professional casino experts. These experts know exactly what is important when reviewing an online casino. They look at the licence, know the background of the casino operator and find out how the provider’s previous customers have fared.

A good test will also tell you which game categories you can find in the gaming hall, whether there is a live area and which bonuses you can receive as a new customer. This allows you to choose the online casino that has the right offer for you and is also clearly reliable and reputable.

Protect sensitive information well

Despite choosing an absolutely reputable online casino, players are not 100% protected against fraud. You yourself must also contribute to security when playing. This starts with entering your password: choose a secure password that is not easy to crack. When logging in, make absolutely sure that nobody is watching you enter this password. To be on the safe side, you should change your password frequently.

Only play with a computer that has up-to-date virus protection. Make sure that cyber criminals do not install keyloggers or other malicious software that could steal your password. If you are playing on your smartphone or tablet while traveling, only use secure WLAN2)EDITOR NOTE: WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network.  A WLAN is not the same as Wi-Fi as a WLAN can be built on various wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth, for example. networks. Especially when you are on the move, you should make sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when you enter your password on the online casino’s mobile website.

Secure payment methods

Deposits and withdrawals at online casinos are made using secure methods. However, the following also applies here: The best payment method can only be secure if it is used correctly by the user. Never enter your bank details on pages to which you have not been forwarded directly by the online casino. No employee of a reputable online casino will ask you for your account or bank account details by email, telephone or chat.

The safest option is to opt for payment methods that do not require you to enter any bank details online. In addition to the popular e-wallets, these also include cryptocurrencies and paysafecard.

No employee of a reputable online
casino will ask you for your account
or bank account details by email,
telephone or chat.

Popular scams in connection with online casinos

Unfortunately, there are always illegal activities with which cyber criminals try to steal money from online casinos or the players who are active at them. We would now like to briefly introduce the three most widespread of these:

Fake casinos

Fraudsters create websites that clearly look like an online casino. However, the sole aim of these websites is to persuade players to make a deposit. However, it is not possible to cash out after winning games in these casinos. In the case of a well-designed scam, users only realize this when they do not receive any money even after a long wait, despite having made a withdrawal request. In some cases, the website of a well-known online casino is even copied, so that fraud victims often think that they are registering with a well-known provider with a good reputation.


Phishing is not only a problem in connection with online casinos. Fraudsters use alleged emails from the casino or the user’s bank to get them to enter their online banking login details on a fake banking website. In this way, the fraudsters obtain sensitive information and can log into the player’s bank account themselves. From there, they then transfer money to their own accounts, which are usually located abroad.

Illegal access to player accounts

Many fraudsters also target players’ casino account access data. They can use these to log into the customer account and attempt to make withdrawals, for example. Reputable online casinos protect their players by ensuring that withdrawals can only be made using the previously used deposit method and are only sent to accounts with the player’s name. Nevertheless, you should take security measures and make sure that nobody can gain access to your login details.

Conclusion: Play safely and have fun

Regardless of attractive offers and big promises, security should always come first. If an online casino does not have a valid licence or otherwise attracts negative attention, you should not register there under any circumstances and certainly not deposit any money. The biggest winnings of all time have only been made with reputable providers, and even with smaller winnings in a dubious casino, there is no guarantee that you will be able to withdraw them. Of course, it sounds tempting that users can win big when playing for free. Always bear in mind that although there are many trustworthy and reputable online casinos, there are always fraudsters trying to get their hands on players’ money in a dishonest way. Therefore, protect yourself by only playing in licensed casinos, protecting your data well and paying close attention to security during the payment process.

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1EDITOR NOTE: The word “licence” is the British English spelling for “license”.  They mean the same thing.
2EDITOR NOTE: WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network.  A WLAN is not the same as Wi-Fi as a WLAN can be built on various wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth, for example.

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