How to Increase Your Odds of Winning at Blackjack in Australian Casinos

By Beatriz Cordeiro.

Blackjack is one of Australia’s online casinos’ popular games. It has a simple gameplay, which has led to the development of multiple variants and players looking for the best system to win at blackjack. Like other games, winning at blackjack or any variant of blackjack requires lady luck and skill.

The high number of real blackjack online tables for players means unique bonuses to claim. Checking reviews of reputable Aussie blackjack sites helps to find available promotions. Many gamblers use online platforms to find trustworthy casinos. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you can follow the expert recommendations and simple strategies that we provide in our guide. Additionally, we will examine popular types of games in Australian casinos, their specific rules, and how they can impact your strategies.

Casino Blackjack

Online Blackjack and its Basics

Popularly referred to as Twenty-One, blackjack is a table game where players (typically from 1 to 7) play against the dealer by comparing cards, however, the player always has to play first — which gives the dealer an advantage. To beat the dealer, you must end up with a hand closer to 21 then the dealer or allow the dealer to bust his hand (go over 21).  Blackjack can be played with a single deck of 52 cards up to 8 decks of cards.

Using the right strategy and plan will put you in an optimal position to improve your chances of winning in blackjack, especially since there are several different variants to pick from.  From a report from, up to 7 million gamers are expected to wager on casino games, including blackjack, by 2028.

Top Tips to Win at Blackjack for Players From Australia

1. Know How to Play

Knowing the rules of blackjack is the most important first step in developing a working strategy.  All blackjack games are not created equal and with the introduction of the many different variants to the game it can get complicated.  Just remember, most variants of the game of blackjack have a higher house advantage than a classic traditional blackjack game.

2. Know Your Odds

Understanding the probabilities in the game you are playing is essential to reducing the house edge.  Some rules in the game can be good for the player while others are not.  Rule variations are common in the industry so picking games with good rules will always improve your chances.

3. Basic Strategy

Knowing how to play each and every hand optimally reduces the house edge to the minimum.  Utilizing blackjack basic strategy is the best way to play.

4. Card Counting

Card counting is an advanced strategy that can improve or actually give the player an edge over the house.  Basically, you assign a positive, negative or zero value to each card as they are played. Then you make playing and betting decisions based on the sum of these numbers.  Card counting is not viable in games with automatic shufflers or in online games against a digital dealer.  Of course, card counting is frowned upon by most casinos.

5. Bankroll Management

One distinct feature of all casino blackjack tables is their differing bet requirements. All tables have a minimum and maximum bet allowed. Before playing, you should determine the total budget for your entire session and stick to games in your bankroll.  You can also use the responsible gambling tools many reputable iGaming sites offer. A particular feature is the deposit and betting limits. This way, you can break down the bet per game round. Our experts recommend 1% of the game budget for each table set you play on.

Popular Varieties for Blackjack and Their Rules

Understanding the different rules to win at blackjack starts with knowing the varieties. These modes have tweaks to the gameplay, offering more excitement and payouts. Here is the basic knowledge of some sought-after Aussie varieties.

American Blackjack

American blackjack is referred to as ‘Classic’ or ‘Standard.’ and is played with one to 8 decks. A unique feature of this variety is the “Late Surrender” option.  After the dealer has checked for blackjack, any player can surrender half their bet and fold.  In addition, the dealer can’t ‘hit’ if the total sum of their hand totals 17 or more points – including a soft 17 hand. These particular rules are good for the player and dictate a specific basic strategy.  Blackjack payouts for the classic version can be found with 3:2 or 6:5 odds.  It is always better to play when blackjacks pay 3 to 2.

European Blackjack

European blackjack differs from the American version, as the dealer does not check for blackjack when they are showing an Ace or 10. In addition, there’s no “Late Surrender” rule option and there may be restrictions on when you can double down.  The basic blackjack payout is typically 3:2.

Queen of Spades


Australian pontoon is an exciting variation played with 2 – 8 decks but there are several variations of it. Its main obvious difference is that it uses British terms for some of its concepts. For instance, rather than using the word “hit,” an Aussie player says “twist” to receive an extra card — which they have to do if cards total less than 15. Furthermore, the dealer is known as the “Banker.” Payouts for this variant often depend on the player’s stake.  Pontoon may be played differently depending on casino, however, in Australia, Pontoon uses decks that have all of the tens removed — making this variation similar to another variation called Spanish 21. Bonus hands are also available: five-card 21s, Super Bonus payouts and late surrender are all great reasons for choosing Australian pontoon instead of a regular blackjack online game.

Final Words

Blackjack is so famous across Australia that there is a unique variety for Aussie players. Developing a successful strategy requires a combination of luck and skill. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan in place. Combining basic tactics like a good understanding of the game, the effects of rule variations, basic strategy, card counting and effective bankroll management should form the basis of a solid blackjack strategy.   Winning becomes more likely, easier and fun when you have a solid understanding of the game. 



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