Most Popular Casino Games in 2024

By Stephen Cummings.

Despite creeping regulations (speaking as a casino lover from the UK), the online casino market continues to grow from strength to strength. The majority of the world in 2024 has internet access which therefore means that online casino games are always available to those who want to access them.

There is no longer any need for you to leave your house to play casino games, even live games such as blackjack can now be played online, from the comfort of your own home. Of course, there are plenty of gamblers out there who still prefer to feel the casino table felt beneath their fingers, but for people like me, I love just being able to load up a live casino table whenever it takes my fancy. My game of choice is Live Blackjack (hence why I am writing for Blackjack Review), but there are plenty of other high-quality casino games.

I will explain to you what I believe to be the best online casino games in 2024. You may find my choices somewhat surprising too, as blackjack is not my number one pick! Enjoy.

1.   Monopoly Live

Created by Evolution who are widely regarded as the best developers for live casino games in the world, Monopoly Live is themed around the classic family board game. However, the casino version is 100 times more fun than the board game! You are probably surprised to learn that Live Blackjack is not first on this list but allow me to explain.

Monopoly Live

The key to hitting the huge payouts during Monopoly Live is entering the bonus game which utilizes advanced technology to bring players a 3D Monopoly board where all the properties are decorated with multipliers. However, there is a large element of luck involved as the game begins with a large gameshow type wheel which is spun by the live dealer. You need to predict which segment of the wheel is landed on, if you manage to do this then you will win. If the wheel does land on the Monopoly Live bonus round, then to take part you need to have placed a bet on the bonus round.

Monopoly Live is a lot of fun and taking part in the bonus game is the ultimate thrill, so if you do decide to play, we would recommend making some sort of bet that the bonus game will hit whenever you can. Of course, I still love blackjack, but I feel Monopoly Live is the pinnacle of modern live dealer casino games in the online world.

2.   Live Blackjack

Fear not, blackjack fans. Despite me sharing my love for Monopoly Live, my love for blackjack will never, ever disappear. There are now numerous variations of online blackjack and there are certainly more in development too. My favorite one is the European variant, though simply because it is the one which gives you the best chance of winning.

Live Blackjack

Live European Blackjack, of course, is one of the best casino games to play if you want to limit the house edge. Only Video Poker has a higher return to player as blackjack (at some online casinos) has a RTP1)RTP = Return To Player of 99.5%. This helps to ensure that it will always remain a game of skill rather than one of simple luck. I am sure if you are reading this, then you will be familiar with Live Blackjack so I will end this section here.

3.   Deal Or No Deal Live

In terms of value for money, Deal or No Deal is not the one… However, in terms of fun factor, Deal or No Deal Live gets a big thumbs up from me. Again, Evolution Gaming are behind this one and they have (to my slight disappointment) used the USA’s version of the game show.

Deal or No Deal

But I digress, Deal or no Deal Live is a great game for all bankrolls and features two betting rounds before a final live dealer round. The maximum win here is 500x, but there are plenty of casinos which will allow you to bet up to £1,800, so there are potentially huge amounts to be won here. Incidentally, the minimum bet is £0.10, so you can play without any pressure of winning or losing big sums of money.

4.   Lightning Roulette

In my opinion, this is a modern and much improved version of a classic casino game. Lightning Roulette is the same as the regular version but with plenty more to offer. The big difference here is that every round, up to five numbers on the roulette wheel will be struck by lightning. All numbers struck by the lightning will be assigned a random multiplier which can payout up to 500 times your wager.

Lightning Roulette

Furthermore, there is no downside to playing this version of roulette over its European and American counterpart, as the RTP is the same at 97.30%.

5.   Marching Legions

A uniquely modern online slot machine with lots of character, ways to win and a dash of history added to it, Marching Legions was one of the first slot games which added a 3D element to it. It is also, according to slots experts SlotsHawk, one of the highest return to player slot games ever with an RTP of 98.12%. Of course, like all online slot games, Marching Legions is 100% luck based, unlike live games which usually do have an element of skill to them.

Marching Legions

One advantage of slots such as this one is that they usually come with large potential payout, in this case, Marching Legions offers payouts of up to 10,000x. Of course, the likelihood of triggering this payout is slim to none.

The Future of Online Casino Gaming

Unfortunately, online casino gaming is largely outlawed in the USA, and this does not look like changing anytime soon. In Europe, the scene is rather different, and despite increasing regulations in many European nations, most of us are free to play and gamble online.



1RTP = Return To Player

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