The VIP Tables: Unveiling the World of High Stakes Live Blackjack

By Catalin Constantin.

Many like to enhance their blackjack experiences in various ways. Some like to play different variants of the card game to keep themselves on their toes and enjoy a different session each time.  Others prefer to up the ante and play with higher stakes than other games. Indeed, there are many who find that they can generate more adrenaline and excitement when they have bigger stakes on the line.

The VIP Tables: Unveiling the World of High Stakes Live Blackjack

This version of the game is what is often depicted in movies, as it can elevate the emotions that are experienced by players. There is often a lot more risk associated with the gameplay, as there is simply a lot more money on the line. These games are not always accessible to the general public, as they are often intended for VIPs.

What are VIP Blackjack tables?

As mentioned, these games are typically reserved for people with larger financial resources and are more willing to make bigger bets when playing. The casinos will often view high-rollers as VIPs, as they know that there is potentially more money possible to win when they play.

In order to create a VIP table or betting experience, casinos in physical establishments and those online will offer tables with a high minimum wagering stake. These tables will often feature a minimum stake that is much higher than the one usually found in more common and widely available versions of blackjack. For instance, a VIP table may require a minimum stake of $1,000, whereas a non-VIP table may allow bettors to play with as little as $1.

Online casinos have worked hard to try and make their games inclusive to everybody, with some operators making sure they cater to the entire market. Unibet’s selection of titles that are playable with its collection of online blackjack in Canada site does this well, as they provide players of all budgets with options that can be enjoyed.

Naturally, the greater bet amounts mean that there is a greater potential of bigger rewards being won. Players who play at these tables may find that the payouts have been slightly altered to entice them to play, as they may get more favorable ratios than those that are typically offered. They may also find that they can obtain other rewards that are not commonly provided.

Other perks that may be found when playing at VIP tables may be additional bonuses and game perks, like having a professional assistant, freebies that reward an individual for playing, or even other services that recognize their importance and status.

Are there any other differences between VIP and non-VIP blackjack tables?

While the biggest difference is usually in how players considered high rollers and VIPs are treated, the gameplay itself does not usually experience too many changes.

Regardless of whether the game is being played online or in a physical casino, players can expect to receive a professional experience and one that runs as smoothly as it ought to. Players know that they will be looked after by the dealer throughout the rounds played, as they will have a croupier who knows what they are doing.

Often, there may be changes in the payouts that are offered, rather than the rules of the game itself. The blackjack rules will stay the same and will not provide any favorable benefits to VIPs because they are willing to spend more money at the table. They may get better payouts, but the variant is still likely to follow the same format.

This can mean that the same strategies and tips that are often associated with the game can be followed. High rollers may recognize that there is more on the line, but they will also understand that they can be applied regardless of whether a bet is as low as $1 or as high as $5,000+.

A different world but the same in aspects

Although there is no denying that playing at the VIP tables in Blackjack can provide an ultimate experience, it is also wise to remember that the gameplay will hardly differ.



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