Beyond Live Dealers: The Top 5 Blackjack Table Games You Must Try

By Catalin Constantin.

Blackjack has long been a game of choice for many casino enthusiasts. It is a game that is synonymous with the industry and one that has long been associated with casino play.

Players have typically gone to a casino establishment and played at the table, competing against the casino’s dealer to try and win. More recently, that experience has been transformed, as they can now do so with live dealer versions that can be found online.

Beyond Live Dealers: The Top 5 Blackjack Table Games You Must Try

However, while technology has revolutionized this type of play and effectively brought the casino industry into our homes and anywhere else we wish to play, it has also changed the experiences we can obtain when playing this classic game.

Blackjack by Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming’s Blackjack title is an automated video slot-style title that makes playing the game a little different from the norm that has long been experienced. Instead of playing against a physical dealer or the casino itself, players are able to enjoy this game as if they are playing against a computer.

It is simple to enjoy, as bettors simply need to place a bet on the number of hands that they want to play, and then watch the cards be dealt. Once the first round has been completed, they can choose to ‘Stand’, ‘Hit’, or ‘Double’. The rules are the same as the traditional form of the game; therefore, it simply provides a different experience.

European Blackjack Multihand

European Blackjack Multihand is another option that is automated like a slot game, with Play’n GO’s version one of the most popular options that can typically be found at a popular and trusted online casino in Canada when players are seeking an alternative gameplay style from traditional live dealer variants.

It is a very similar game to Relax Gaming’s aforementioned version, as players can play with multiple hands to try and maximize the number of wins they may achieve when playing against a computerized dealer. There are six decks of cards used in this game, though, which can make things more challenging.

Single Deck Blackjack Multihand

Instead of using six decks, Play’n GO’s Single Deck Blackjack Multihand variant is a must-play variant for those who wish to try out an automated table game that is perhaps a little easier to follow. As the title suggests, this one features just one deck of cards, thus making it potentially easier to try and work out which cards may be drawn.

The game features many of the standardized rules of the casino classic while incorporating the ability to play with up to three hands in each round. Play’n GO’s version of blackjack games does include the ability to ‘surrender’, should players be looking for this feature.

Classic Blackjack Gold

Microgaming (Games Global) has also released its own virtual blackjack title to give players the opportunity to enjoy an alternative gameplay experience to the live dealer version.

The Classic Blackjack Gold variant allows players to enjoy a simple gaming session, as they can play with a single deck and compete against a computer. Players have a range of betting options that they can choose from, which can make it an appealing choice.

Blackjack 21+3

Felt Gaming provides a different alternative to classic blackjack variants, as players can enjoy a game that combines poker elements to make things a little more intriguing.

Players will still need to try to make a total of 21 without going over, but if their two cards and the dealer’s face-up card combine to create a poker hand, then a win will be awarded if the side bet has been placed. If no side bet is placed, then it will not count, and just normal blackjack rules will apply.

Alternative ways to enjoy Blackjack

As can be seen, there are various ways in which classic blackjack gameplay can be experienced. While many may often like the normality of the traditional game and want to face a casino employee as they feel like they can be trying to win money from them directly, video and automated options can be just as fun.

They can often be simpler to enjoy, as well as more fast-paced. They can contain certain aspects that can make the game more appealing and different from the norm, which can help to potentially enhance any gameplay experience that may be enjoyed.



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