UK’s Favourite Blackjack Now Live in Your Living Room

Chips and CardsBy Robert Jones.

You know, there’s something about blackjack that’s just… quintessentially British. Although poker was a late bloomer in the UK, the “Late Night Poker” debut in 1999 set it off. Remember those evenings at The Hippodrome in London? Or maybe just bantering about strategies at the local pub? Good times! But thanks to our increasingly mechanical lifestyle and technological advancements, social activities are hardly ‘social’ anymore, except for hitting the pub, I guess.

However, thanks to the same technology, the old blackjack fun, that rush, it’s all gone digital. Enter the world of live casinos.

Blackjack: More Than Just 21

Blackjack is simple for many of us with surface knowledge. Hit 21, or thereabouts, and hope the dealer isn’t as lucky. But those who’ve played know it’s so much more. The strategy, the tension, the pure joy of out-thinking the dealer. Whether at posh casinos like the Empire Casino, one of the best poker rooms in London, or just Dave’s pub down the road, it’s always been about the experience, the stories, the what-ifs.

Out of all casino games, blackjack’s got a tiny  house edge of only 0.5%. In 2019, a poker pro, Bryn Kenney, won the single biggest payout of £16.8 million.1)The single biggest payout in a poker tournament, as of 2023, was £16.8 million. That prize was won by Bryn Kenney in 2019 at the Triton Million for Charity in London. As per Statista, between April 2021 and March 2022, non-remote Arcades in the UK held onto £278.31 million of GGY(Gross Gambling Yield). That’s up from £258.07 million the year before. It goes to show how deep our love for blackjack runs.

Dealing With a Twist: It’s Live!

Online casinos have been around for a while now. But live blackjack? Now that’s the real tea. Imagine your cozy couch, a cuppa, and that same real-world casino feel right on your phone or laptop. Explore live casinos featuring real dealers, live games, and genuine chit-chat. Thanks to dev frontiers like Evolution, live casinos flourish by the day as they constantly push limits to enhance our experiences.

Chips, Cards and Roulette

As per “The London Economic,” active online gamblers in the UK hit 24.7 million in 2023, a 6.2% bump from the last year. And a lot of that is thanks to live blackjack! Sometimes, the dealers might talk about yesterday’s footie match or grumble about London rain. It feels like you’re back at The Mayfair, minus the fancy outfits and the overpriced drinks.

A Game or a Natter Session?

What’s bonkers about live blackjack is that it isn’t just about the game. It’s a chinwag session. Those dealers might casually chat about last weekend’s festival in Brighton or how the Beatles might have played their cards. It’s all these little things, these British quirks, that make each round fresh, and every card reveals a new little tale.

Also, the “Gambling Commission UK” stated that in 2022, live casinos (RCBB) acquired a GGY of £6.4 Bn, whereas non-remote gambling generated £2.1 Bn. So it’s like everyone’s new fave hangout, giving that real-life feel right from the couch! And you’ll love the options. From traditional European blackjack to the cheeky London blackjack, it’s like a trip around the UK, one hand at a time.

The Good Ol’ Game’s New Tricks

Blackjack in the UK is more than just about sticking to the old ways. We’ve got over 50 different ways to play blackjack now. Talk about putting a fresh spin on an old classic! New side bets pop up, making every game more intriguing. And if you’re ever lost or just fancy a new strategy, a quick gander at Blackjack Review can sort you out.

A New Live Casino Frontier: Are We Teleporting Next?

From iconic music bands to innovations in the casino industry, Britain never ceases to amaze. Remember those good old days at traditional haunts like London’s Crockfords Club? Fast forward, and now many of us are enjoying the digital glitz of live casinos. And the game might change yet again!

Virtual Reality

According to Uswitch, nearly 40% of Brit gamers have experienced VR. And studies say that by 2025, we could see almost 15% of online games go all VR. So, it’s not too wild to imagine slipping on a VR headset and “teleporting” straight into a swanky casino. Strap on some fancy goggles; you’re in the middle of the bustling Grosvenor Casino in Liverpool or Birmingham . From your living room! Mental, right?


To wrap it up, blackjack’s heart remains unchanged. It’s still that thrilling game we Brits love. But now, it’s got a new suit and tie, all jazzed up for the digital age. Whether you’re a pro or just fancy a flutter, live blackjack’s where it’s at, with a sprinkle of British spirit.




1The single biggest payout in a poker tournament, as of 2023, was £16.8 million. That prize was won by Bryn Kenney in 2019 at the Triton Million for Charity in London.

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