What Distinguishes Pro Blackjack Players from Amateurs

BlackjackBy Jason Underwood.

Blackjack is among the simplest and most exciting casino games for players looking to unwind and have fun with different betting strategies. In this casino game, the player’s main aim is to get a hand that totals 21 without exceeding (or going bust) to get the win. That’s easily achieved by getting an ace and a ten-valued card, but you can still win without holding 21. However, you’ll need to hold a hand that has a higher total score compared to the dealer’s cards or force the dealer to bust his hand.1)EDITOR NOTE: Ahhh…. fun and betting:  two words to describe what an amateur thinks about when playing this game.  Professional and serious blackjack players, on the other hand, are constantly thinking of ways to beat the dealer and/or improving the odds.

Despite its simple premise, some players struggle to make a profit while playing blackjack, while others continue thriving. While the explanation behind that might be multifaceted and complicated, one thing that makes a huge difference in this casino game is the mindset. And that’s specifically the difference between pro blackjack players and amateurs.

To help you understand the difference between amateur and professional blackjack players we’ve outlined some of the pitfalls that most beginners fall into while outlining some useful tips that professional gamblers recommend.

Common blackjack mistakes that beginners and amateurs make

It’s one thing to understand blackjack rules when you check online blackjack app to start betting your hard-earned cash, it’s important to know the mistakes that beginners make while playing. These mistakes include:

Taking insurance bets

When the dealer gets an Ace as the first card, most online blackjack tables allow you to buy insurance. Insurance is a side bet worth about half of the original wager and it pays 2:1 odds. The insurance bet wins if the dealer’s hole card is a 10.

While that might seem like a smart move to cushion your loss if the dealer gets 21 (blackjack), the numbers suggest that the insurance bet is a losing play. Standard probabilities suggest that the odds that a dealer will get blackjack after receiving an Ace as the first card are about 30%.

Standing on a “Soft 17”

No matter what the dealer gets as the up card, never stand on a “soft 17” or an Ace and 6. A soft 17-hand can’t bust if you get one more card and makes standing on these cards a bad idea.

When playing blackjack, it’s wise to always assume that the dealer’s hole card will be 10. With this assumption, a soft 17 will lose when the dealer is showing a 10 or 9. Even when it might seem risky to hit on soft 17, hitting on it is a smart move.  If the dealer has a 3 – 6, a smarter move would be to double down.

Splitting 10s

Splitting a pair of 10s is a common mistake that blackjack beginners make when playing against a dealer’s weak hand. Two 10s is a great hand against any hand that your dealer might have. That’s because standing on 20 gives you about an 88% chance of winning or pushing with the hand.

Essential blackjack principles that professional players follow

On average, a pro blackjack player could earn as much as $20,000 every month and as you start looking into the big leagues, some take home as much as $150,000+ in a month. Of course, even if you have an edge in this game, you can expect wild swings in your bankroll.  So, what do pro blackjack players do to succeed and stand above amateurs?

Master a basic blackjack strategy

Some blackjack beginners read the rules of the game and immediately want to start playing using complex tricks used by seasoned players. However, that’s not how professional blackjack pros do it. They start with basic strategies that are simple for a beginner to understand and build on the principles over time without deviating from them. Remember that a simple mistake of deviating from your betting strategy can cost you your entire bankroll.

Go beyond basic card-counting strategies

While card counting is highly revered in the blackjack community, the system might not work in online casinos. Today, most casinos consider card counting as cheating and they employ different technologies including AI cameras to make sure the games are fair. As such, you’ll need to have more than a good eye for numbers to make a profit.

Practice as much as possible

Practice is the key to succeeding in any casino game and blackjack is no different. In fact, practice is another thing that separates beginners from pros. If you want to play blackjack as a pro and earn a living from the game, you must be willing to put in the time and effort to practice. Fortunately, dozens of online casinos allow players to create demo accounts to have fun and sharpen their skills.



1EDITOR NOTE: Ahhh…. fun and betting:  two words to describe what an amateur thinks about when playing this game.  Professional and serious blackjack players, on the other hand, are constantly thinking of ways to beat the dealer and/or improving the odds.

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