Top 5 Best Australian Classic Favorite Card Games

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Australia is one of the best hubs for playing casino games. Its friendly laws have made the casino industry thrive over the years. A huge chunk of its population is also given to playing casino games. This explains the unprecedented growth and increase of online casinos in the region. Some casinos also provide thrilling card game variants unique to Australia. Games such as Australian blackjack have attracted many players worldwide. In this article, we explore the top five classic Australian card games.

Australian Blackjack

Australian blackjack is a popular card game that has attracted players from various backgrounds. However, its rules can differ from those in other countries. When playing Australian blackjack, here are some key points to consider:

  • You are only allowed to double down when your initial hand’s total value is 9, 10, or 11.
  • There is a “No Surrender” rule in this game variant. Therefore, you must play out your hand until the end.
  • This variation allows you to double down after splitting a pair. So, if you split your initial hand into two separate hands, you can double your bet on each of the split hands if the value is 9, 10, or 11.

Online Australian Poker

Poker is an amazing game that is played worldwide. Most people have embraced it due to its thrill and impressive gameplay. Poker is also a mind-intensive game that sharpens the mind of the players. It is closely equated to chess because it demands strategy, patience, and watching the opponents move in order to predict their strategies and gain an advantage.

In most parts of the world, Texas Hold ’em is considered the best poker variant. However, top-rated Australian online gambling sites offer other poker variants like the Aussie’s favorite Monthly Milly. These sites also have attractive welcome and deposit bonuses, as well as faster payouts. Moreover, they have several popular banking options, such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and POLi.


Online baccarat is a fast-growing card game in Australia. Anyone can play this game because it comes with great odds and doesn’t require special skills or mastering. Its gameplay mainly involves placing a bet on whether the banker or other players have a better hand. You can also bet on a draw during the game, although such cases are rare.

While playing baccarat, you must bet on any 3 cards before the dealer issues the cards. Once every wager lands on the table, the dealer gives the player and the banker two cards each. The sum of every card issued will grade the hands of the banker and player.

The aces have a value of 1, while the tens and face cards are zero. The indicated number on other cards also determines their rank, e.g., 5 is worth 5 points. Furthermore, in baccarat, no hand can surpass 9. However, if it does, only the last number will count. For instance, if the value of your hand is 15, it will only be rated 5 points.

Casino War

If you want to play the easiest casino games in Australia, consider Casino War. You don’t need a special skill, training, or experience to enjoy this game. Its simplicity makes it attractive to most people, especially beginners in casino gaming.

This game comes with the following straightforward rules:

  • One card is given to the dealer, and every player on the table
  • A player will win if his card’s value exceeds the dealer’s.
  • If the card for the dealer and player have the same value, they both ‘Go to War’ by picking a second card to determine the winner.

Caribbean Stud

This game comprises the thrill of poker but is void of second-guessing and subterfuge. Caribbean Stud’s house edge is higher than other games, and playing it is fun. This game involves a face-off between a player and the house with a single deck of cards.

In addition to the main game, Caribbean Stud often features a Progressive Jackpot side bet. This bet allows you to have a chance at winning a significant jackpot if you have a qualifying hand. The Progressive Jackpot is separate from the regular bets made in the game and adds an extra level of excitement, especially if you are interested in getting a shot at the major pot.

When playing this game, you should remember:

  • You will not be playing against other players, but the dealer
  • Focus on the game and not the strategies of other players
  • Exercise caution and know when to fold or bet
  • To maintain a fair and focused gameplay environment, it’s customary to refrain from excessively talking or discussing hands with other players while the game progresses.

Final Thoughts

Card games are interesting and a great pastime. They are also Australia’s most-played casino games. However, some Australian card games, such as Aussie online poker and Australian blackjack, have different rules. Despite these differences, these games still provide an impressive thrill. Moreover, besides being fun to play, they also appeal to many players all over the world. Therefore, the next time you are in Australia or when you would like to play some Aussie casino games online, make it a point to try these interesting card game variants.

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