5 Tips to Winning at Blackjack Like Don Johnson

Don Johnson (Blackjack Ball 2018)By Anita Newman.

As a strong choice for the most popular casino game in the world, blackjack opens its cards to millions of enthusiastic players every year. Just like with every game, luck definitely participates in the process, but some people managed to find a way to consistently beat the odds and get their fair share of winnings, just like Don Johnson. In this article we gathered five tips that might be useful to you in order to win at blackjack using a strategy Johnson used.

Get a Huge Bankroll

One of the first things you need to think about before sitting at a table is getting a significant bankroll. It will give you the chance to place bigger bets and as a result win more money. Don Johnson had a bankroll of over $15 million when he embarked on his legendary winning streak. And yes, that may not be possible for most of us, but having enough money is still important, so you can weather any losing streaks, chase winning opportunities and have negotiating leverage over the casino.  More about negotiating later.

Learn to Play Perfect Cards

Timing is extremely important to winning at blackjack.  You have to know when you should double down, hit, split your cards, stand or even surrender your hand. You must also learn and consistently stick to a basic strategy like with the Plinko game.  You can go online and find charts that’ll show you the optimal play for every possible hand. Based on mathematical calculations and statistics that have been refined over time, blackjack basic strategy is your advantage play and a 100% reliable way to improve the odds of winning in your favor. Sure, it may not guarantee a win every time, but it certainly will help to minimize your losses and make more informed decisions.

Understand Which Rules Favor You

Have you ever heard the phrase “My house – my rules?”  Well, it’s the same with casinos – they all have different rules when it comes to blackjack. But you can use some of them in your favor. Make sure to do your research and understand the blackjack rule variations and play requirements before you get to action.  It might save you a lot of money. Search for casinos with favorable rules – visit a blockchain online casino to get a taste – and avoid those with rules that are stacked against you.

Find a Desperate Casino

It might be hard to believe, but inequality is real even among the casinos. Because of that some of them are more willing to negotiate with high rollers like Don Johnson. Look for a casino that’s struggling to attract players as those are often willing to bend the rules to get more customers, which can work in your favor. They may offer better odds, higher limits, or other incentives to get you to play at their tables.

Negotiate with that Casino

Once you’ve found a desperate casino, go ahead and negotiate with them. Don Johnson reportedly negotiated a number of favorable conditions for himself, including the ability to bet up to $100,000 per hand and a 20% discount1)Otherwise known as a loss rebate! on his losses.  Negotiating with a casino can be intimidating, but the worst they can do is say no. In the better scenario, you’ll get to secure favorable conditions for yourself. Start by speaking to a casino host or manager and explain that you’re a high roller looking for a better deal – who knows, maybe it’ll work out.

Bottom line

Winning at blackjack like Don Johnson takes a combination of luck, skill and strategy.  He managed to win over a period of five months without card counting or cheating.  If you have what it takes, just follow these five tips and increase your odds of winning big. But don’t forget that uncontrollable gambling is an addiction – bet responsibly and within your means. With the right mindset and approach you can become a quite successful player.

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1Otherwise known as a loss rebate!

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