Famous Canadian Professional Blackjack Players

Playing BlackjackBy Michael Woodson.

Casinos and other gambling businesses constantly advise people to gamble to play responsibly. Viewing gambling as a source of income or as a way to get rich is definitely a bad idea. And yet there are professional gamblers. People who can consistently win, and put food on their tables, thanks to gambling. Of course, you need to play specific games in order to be a pro. Basically, there are professional poker players and professional blackjack players. Here we will focus on professional blackjack players from Canada, and discuss what is necessary for this career path.

Using Strategy in a Casino

Even if most games aren’t compatible with a career in professional gambling, you can still use strategy. Those who play slots already know that it’s more prudent to get Casino Rewards free spins bonus that you can use on those games. Even if there are some wagering requirements attached you are not obliged to fulfill them if you lose. In other words, you can forget about your account and make a new one, and claim a new bonus.

Other games also allow you to use a strategic approach:

  • Roulette – Placing only red/black, odds/even, high/low bets and doubling your bet when you lose. This way when you win all of your losses are nullified.1)Of course, doubling your bet has a major flaw.  All casinos have a maximum bet which can easily be reached if you keep doubling your bet.  This is not a strategy the Blackjack Review Network recommends.
  • Baccarat – Betting mostly on bankers, or switching your bet to either player or banker when you lose.
  • Hot Drop Jackpots – play slots where the jackpot is still active 5-10 minutes before an hour or a day is about to come to an end.
The only reason why professional blackjack players play this card game is that they found a way to win more consistently. That’s done through card counting and it will be explained in detail.

Most of the games that are available in the casino are completely luck-based. Players can choose the types and the size of bets they place, but they cannot affect the odds in any way. Luckily those who gamble online can get multiple bonuses or more value for their buck. There are sites that give out 150 free spins for $1 in Canada which is an amazing deal. This doesn’t affect the odds, but it still gives you more chances to win. If you are mainly playing slots, using bonuses is a viable strategy.

Monica Reeves

Out of all the professional blackjack players from Canada, Monica Reeves is definitely the most attractive. She grew up in Ontario and from a very young age developed a strong passion for top casino card games and for competing.  She has always been exceptionally intelligent and that is an important trait for playing blackjack. However, her first goal was to become a professional dental hygienist. Once she pulled it off, she pursued a career in modelling.

Years later she decided to pivot back to her childhood hobby and become a pro at gambling. She was tutored on how to become a pro poker player and she has been quite successful at multiple tournaments.

In 2006, Monica learned about a TV show called the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Since this has always been one of her favorite casino games, she reached out to the producers and asked to join the show. Everyone was pretty much immediately on board, and it was the right decision. Monica managed to qualify for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour Tournament of Champions, and she ranked 7th at the end of the competition. She was very successful in the following season, but the show was unfortunately cancelled.

Brian Molony

One of the more popular gambling movies Owning Mawhony is based on a true story. That is the story of Brian Molony, one of the professional blackjack players from Canada. Many know Brian from the news, as he was arrested in April 1982. Basically, he embezzled funds, due to his unhealthy obsession with gambling.

When he got a job at the bank, Molony started to approve loans for both real and imaginary businesses. He was then transferring those funds to a company in Las Vegas and used them to gamble. He might have lost over 10 million dollars, but he was still very good at gambling, and at blackjack. After all the man was smart enough to detect and exploit weaknesses of a bank and wasn’t caught for a long time.

Brian Zembic

In order to be one of the professional blackjack players, you need to know how to count cards. There is a perfect blackjack basic strategy that anyone can memorize and use with ease, but in order to win you need to go above and beyond. There are exceptional people out there who are professional card counters and who can change the odds in their favor. Basically, once you get a good idea of what cards remain in the deck, you can make accurate decisions and win more frequently. However, luck will still play a role.

Playing Poker

Brian Zembic, a.k.a the Wiz, is an incredible blackjack player, but many describe him as greedy and reckless. He made a lot of money from gambling on different things such as:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Backgammon
  • Crazy bets

On one occasion, Brian and one of his friends were arguing about the morality or craziness of breast implants. Brian said that these aren’t a big deal and he was dared to get them and wear them for a whole year. Since he was in need of cash he accepted the dare.

Wiz managed to find a surgeon who would perform this plastic operation for free. He got the implants, and he won a 100k bet. Even after he had won, he continued to wear them as proof of his courage and how far he is willing to go for a bet. 

IMAGE CREDIT: Unsplash.com
IMAGE CREDIT: Unsplash.com



1Of course, doubling your bet has a major flaw.  All casinos have a maximum bet which can easily be reached if you keep doubling your bet.  This is not a strategy the Blackjack Review Network recommends.

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