5 Blackjack Strategies from Nostalgia Online Casino Expert

By Tyler Ellery.

The game of blackjack is one of the most popular online games. Many players fancy and prefer it to other card games, as the game is relatively simple and easy to learn. But becoming a skilled blackjack player requires practice and experience. You also need to adopt the right blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning. A renowned Nostalgia casino offers a chance to do so by gambling and practicing for a deposit as little as $1.

5 Blackjack Strategies from Nostalgia Online Casino Expert

Nostalgia online casino was established in 1999 and is one of the top providers in the business. The casino sources its blackjack game from top providers and has a huge selection of titles, including progressive jackpots. After operating for 20 years, the casino experts know the best ways to profit from the casino blackjack game and reduce your losses. Read our blackjack tips below:

1.   Basic Strategy

The basic idea of a game is to have a hand value of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over. There are different ways to win or minimize your losses when you play blackjack. The blackjack basic strategy is a combination of various strategies, but they are all simple and don’t require any technicality. The most popular ones are:


The surrender option means forfeiting your hand and losing only half of your original bet. This option is offered after the dealer has checked for blackjack but before you hit or stand. There are two types of surrender – early and late surrender. The former is offered before the dealer checks for blackjack, while the latter is after checking. Late surrender is the most popular type found in some casinos. When you are unsure if your hand will beat the dealer’s hand, surrender and lose only half your bet.  Surrender is not available everywhere but can be a valuable strategy option for the player.

Soft totals

A soft total is not a strategy per se. But it is a crucial factor to consider when formulating a strategy. The reason is that it gives you more flexibility. A soft total is any hand that contains an Ace that can be counted as either 1 or 11 without busting. For example, an Ace and a 5 would be a soft 16. The Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11. Hence, the total hand value would be 6 or 16. Players can hit on soft without fearing busting since they can count the Ace as 1 if necessary. 

Hard totals

Hard totals are the opposite of soft totals. It refers to any hand that does not contain an Ace or a hand that contains an Ace but can only be counted as 1 without busting. For example, a hand containing a 10 and a 7 is a hard 17. There is no Ace so we cannot count it as 11 without exceeding 21. Most gamblers stand on hands with totals of 17 or higher and hit on hands with 8 or lower.


When you have a strong starting hand such as 9, 10 or 11, the option to double down can be a strong strategy decision.  The decision to double will depend on the dealer’s up-card.  Be more inclined to double when the dealer is showing a small card that is 6 or less.  Also, many of the soft-hands such as A2 – A7 can be good double down opportunities.


Splits allow you to divide your hand into two hands if dealt a pair of cards of the same rank. For example, if you are dealt a pair of 7s, you can split it into two different hands and place an additional bet equal to your original bet. This allows you to create potentially strong hands from weak hands. Generally, it is best to split a pair of Aces or 8s, as it creates two potentially stronger hands. In contrast, avoid splitting 5s and 10s, as it creates a weak starting hand with a 5 and breaks up a strong 20 hand. You can also split other pairs when the dealer’s up card is weak.

2.   Card Counting

Sharp blackjack players use card counting to gain an edge over the house. They do this by tracking cards that have been played to determine their advantage and playing decisions on future hands.

Players assign a point value to each card that is dealt. For example, the Hi-Lo card counting system assigns high cards a value of -1, while low ones are assigned a +1 value and middle-range packs earn the 0 value. Players keep a running count of the deck as they are dealt and keep adjusting the count with each new count. A positive count means there are more high cards remaining in the deck. This increases the likelihood of getting a strong hand or blackjack, and players increase their bet size. In contrast, a negative count means there are more lower cards in the deck, and the dealer has a higher chance of getting a strong hand. Hence, players reduce their bet size or stop playing.  Card counting is a valuable skill that takes time to master.

3.   Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is a simple strategy where players increase their bet after each triumph. Not only this, but they also decrease their stake after each loss. This strategy maximizes wins and cuts losses. There are different types of progressive betting, but the Martingale system is the most popular. Here, gamblers multiply their bet by two after each loss to return it to its original size after a victory. For example, if you start with a $10 bet and lose, you double the next one to $20. But since there is no guarantee of winning a hand after a certain number of losses, it can result in losing a lot of money quickly. So, Nostalgia casino experts and BlackjackReview.com can’t recommend this strategy as successful.

4.   Side Bets

Side bets are optional bets gamblers place in addition to the regular game bet. As a result, there are different types of side bets, with varying odds and payouts. The most popular side bet is the “perfect pair.” Here, a player bets that their initial two cards will be a pair. Most perfect pair predictions are around 25:1 for pairs of the same suit, 12:1 for the perfect pair of different suits, and 6:1 for any pair.

Side bets have a higher house edge compared to the main game. As a result, they will become less profitable in the long run. We recommend you play them as entertainment only that can lead to a big payout and not as a primary strategy.

5.   Avoid Insurance

The insurance is a side bet offered by the dealer when the up-card is an Ace. Players that take insurance place a bet equal to half the original bet. If the dealer has a blackjack, the insurance will pay 2:1 to offset the player’s loss on the original bet. But the chances are never in the player’s favor. The likelihood of a player having a blackjack when shown an Ace is about 30%. Hence, players lose most of the time. Even when the dealer hits and has a blackjack, you will lose your original bet unless you have a blackjack. So, avoid insurance.

Do blackjack strategies guarantee a win?

No strategy guarantees victory. But they can improve the likelihood of winning, help you manage your losses, and possibly reduce the house edge. If we put aside the factor of luck, we can say with certainty that players who think through their moves in advance usually achieve the desired results. This allows them to think carefully about their bets and play carefully, but ultimately make a killing. Beginners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the strategies of experienced players and read expert reviews. So, before sitting at the blackjack table, consider your moves and choose your playing style.


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