Is Online Blackjack Rigged? Is it a Fair Game or a Scam?

AA and ChipsBy Katharina Hahn.

Among the different online casino games, table titles are in the majority. Blackjack online play is a favorite for many players. With its simple game-play and top bonuses, there’s always one question many players ask, is online casino blackjack rigged? While it’s a possibility, getting a reliable online casino site is critical. This is a critical feature that we will discuss in this article.

A Quality Online Casino is the Key to a Successful Game

A crucial aspect of fairness when playing either live online blackjack or the regular internet version is looking for a reliable casino site. Hence, whether online casino blackjack is rigged isn’t up for discussion. Sure, some casinos have been reported to provide rigged blackjack tables, but they don’t last long. Players will drop different reviews on why others should avoid them. Hence, it does not take long before such an operator loses relevance and customers.

It is understood that getting access to online casinos that offer fair blackjack tables is usually a stressful venture. This is because many German sites claim to offer impressive blackjack tables with fair winning chances to players. To protect yourself, checking out reputable review platforms like CasinoAllianz is an excellent option. That’s because we only list well-vetted online casino sites that test their tables at independent testing labs.

Here are some pointers to know the different factors we at CasinoAllianz look for when recommending the best casino platforms.

Availability of a License from an Online Casino

Knowing which platform is reliable is only possible when there’s a license. The best online casinos carry a license, showing that the operator meets the standard requirements and the games are certified fair by a reputable regulator. It’s possible to know whether a site has a license or not. All you have to do is search at the foot of the homepage. Most European websites hold permits from popular regulatory bodies, including Gibraltar and Malta.

Getting a license in Germany is no longer a hectic process. New legislation was passed in 2021, granting the state power to provide licenses to credible online casinos and software providers. Currently, 15 different online casino deutschland sites are properly licensed by the state to provide online blackjack tables to gamers. There’s more information for you on the Muenster Journal. There’s no need to try to sign up and play on an online casino with no verifiable license. You’ll be setting yourself up for issues in the future. I’ll recommend trying out a different casino site to better your chances.

It is Important to Check Player Reviews and Forums

Before signing up at an online casino, another important point to note is checking out other players’ reviews. This is essential in knowing which platform is right for you, especially if you need to know if the site is reliable. For many gamblers, doing an in-depth analysis of the casino is essential before signing up.

There are various online casino review websites available on the internet currently. Make sure to go through each of them carefully, starting from registration to the games library and account section. Player reviews are among the forms of getting an honest review of an online casino. Combine this with the expert reviews on forums like CasinoAllianz, and you should get sufficient information on if the casino is for you.

Reliable Online Casinos use RNGs

Another instrumental piece of knowing reliable online casinos is confirming if there are technological tools that prevent fraud. One such feature is the RNG (Random Number Generator). An RNG is a computer algorithm for most online casino games, including blackjack and slots. It determines the final outcome of a game, ensuring it is independent of other rounds.

Using an RNG is important and even serves as a significant advertisement by the top gaming websites. Confirming that an online casino uses RNG shows it is honest and can provide players with a fair winning chance. This way, you know that no one controls any game round’s outcome but solely depends on luck.

Are Online Blackjack Games Rigged?

The notion that all online blackjack games, where live or the regular tables, are rigged is false. Apart from the points we discussed earlier, including playing at the right casino and confirming the license and presence of RNG, there are only rare situations where a casino presents a scam blackjack table. But they don’t last long, especially as players will always drop bad reviews, and the site will go out of business.

Ideally, all casinos, land-based and online, are established as businesses to make profits. Hence, they will always strive to protect their reputation and maintain standard practices. Failure to do this could lead to a loss of license and customers.

Hence, it doesn’t sound right that they will provide online blackjack tables that don’t offer players a fair winning chance. Besides, gambling is a game of luck. It’s possible that things may not go your way every time. This does not mean you will lose every time, but a balance is essential.

How to Protect Yourself from Falsification of the Game?

While online casinos in Germany try to ensure standard practices, you should always be on watch to protect you from wagering on a rigged blackjack table. To do this, here are some useful tips.

  • Always confirm if the online casino has a license to operate. There are several licenses in circulation. However, I’ll recommend sites with permits from top regulatory bodies like Malta and Gibraltar. Playing blackjack on sites without a license is risky.
  • Read other player reviews from various forums. This will help you know if the site is trustworthy. Also, check out expert reviews from top sites like CasinoAllianz. This will provide a balanced analysis for you to make a decision.
  • In addition, you can always settle for a live blackjack table. Since the games are streamed live, you can monitor the proceedings directly on your game screen.

When looking to bet at the online blackjack table, there are several points to note. In as much as the game is interesting and exciting, you can be scammed if you don’t choose a reputable online casino. To protect yourself, I recommend only playing at casinos that have a license and are keen on offering responsible gaming services. There are other important tips, but when you play online blackjack on the best online casino sites, you solve many problems.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Katharina Han is Editor-in-Chief of CasinoAllianz, a German online gambling guide. Hahn is a top journalist and content writer with 10+ years of experience. She has progressed to studying the psychology of player behavior and offers expert opinions on top trends.


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