How Did Blackjack Become the Most Popular Table Game in Dutch Online Casinos?

By Kathleen Spiering.Netherlands

Blackjack is one of the staple table games that is played in almost every casino. Unlike many other card games, blackjack fits perfectly in gambling entertainment. After all, you do play against the dealer, and the dealer is the one who has a slight advantage. That being said, the popularity of specific content varies depending on the country. While slots mainly dominate the popularity poles in Canada and Australia, blackjack is undeniably a fan favorite in the best online casino in the Netherlands as well.  So, let’s see what makes this card game so appealing, and why players flock to the virtual tables to play blackjack. 

Lower House Edge

Whether you bet or play slots the odds are always stacked against you. Casinos need to have the upper hand because it is a business for profit. However, there are a few games with a lower house edge. Blackjack is one of those games where you are more likely to win, and that is one of its main appeals. The same logic applies to roulette, as it’s one of the rare instances where players get to dictate their odds, depending on the type of bet they are placing.

Easy to Learn and Free to Play

If you just want to play casual blackjack then you are in luck. Dutch people love it because it’s really easy to understand the rules and start playing. Additionally, you can play online blackjack for free if you wish to learn and see how the game goes. Almost all online casino sites available in the Netherlands have a demo version of blackjack. The sites either have an app or are entirely mobile-friendly. This allows you to gamble while you are on your phone, whenever you like.

Finally, there are tons of promotions and even no deposit bonuses that you can claim. Typically it’s difficult to find promotions that don’t revolve around slots, but on Dutch gambling platforms, this isn’t an issue.

Professional Gamblers

Many gamers who go to casinos or play online, don’t actually do it to test their luck. They want to beat the game. They are called advantage players and they earn money through professional gambling. Unfortunately, not all of the games can be played professionally, so their choices are limited. Typically they go for blackjack or poker, as they can actually beat these games.

In other words, this is a skill-based game, and there are tons of tricks you can learn in order to improve your odds. In fact, blackjack is one of the exceptions when it comes to the house edge. Players who are skilled at counting cards can actually turn the game in their favor.

Live Dealer Games

You can use the online version of this game to master how to play perfect blackjack. There is a whole set of rules that you need to memorize in order to improve your odds. In all honesty, even sticking to this level of game-play is satisfactory. Playing perfect blackjack gives you almost a 50% win rate.1)Well, not exactly, but it is close at about a 0.5% casino edge for many games.  Of course, it depends on the blackjack rules in play and the skill of the player. However, if you wish to beat it you will need to go a step further.

Many professional gamblers go to land-based casinos where they can watch the dealer and observe the cards as they are played. That way they know what cards remain in the shoe and when to start playing and/or increase their bet. This isn’t really possible with online blackjack as you play alone. However, it is possible to pull it off in a live version.

You can queue up with your friend so that both of you can be at the same table. The live dealer version goes a lot slower so you both have time to document and write down the cards. It will take a few hours but you can eventually penetrate the deck and start to win consistently by relying on card counting. Of course, this is difficult to learn, requires a lot of practice, and it’s more profitable in land-based casinos where you can observe before you play. 


With all of this in mind, it’s really self-explanatory why Dutch users adore this game. It’s accessible, free to play, and easy to learn but hard to master. It’s one of the rare instances where the house edge isn’t unfair. Moreover, it’s a perfect practice for those who aim to become professional gamblers, and there are lots of bonuses they can use to their advantage. Anyone can try it out in a demo version, and they might not even have to create an account. This way you learn right away whether you are cut out for this hobby or not.  



1Well, not exactly, but it is close at about a 0.5% casino edge for many games.  Of course, it depends on the blackjack rules in play and the skill of the player.

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