How popular is online blackjack among UK players

By Natan GrohmanUnited Kingdom.

The UK is a country where gambling has its own culture. Gambling is completely legal here. Local online casinos and land-based gambling establishments operate under a license and offer customers a high-quality service. The casino is popular with locals. Both young and old gamblers visit such establishments. They perceive the casino as an opportunity to relax and have fun.

The rapid development of technology has led to the ubiquity of online casinos. Such platforms are viral among young players. In such establishments, you can find a wide range of various games, but among the British, it is online blackjack that is very popular in the best payout casinos. This card game has a long history. There are many types of blackjack in the casino, which have approximately the same rules. The player’s primary goal is to collect a combination of cards in his hand that will be equal to or be close to 21 without going over.

How to play online blackjack in the UK

Gambling is legal in the UK. Now, players can find a list of sites where they can play blackjack from a computer without leaving home. Several variants of blackjack are available:

  1. Playing in a live casino. On such sites, the player has the opportunity to feel like a visitor to a land-based gambling establishment. A live dealer conducts the distribution, and other players from all over the world join the table. All financial transactions are controlled by software, and as a result, the human factor is excluded. The game is recorded in the studio or from the hall of a real land-based casino. Shooting is carried out from several cameras at once so that the player has the opportunity to change the angle for a better view. Rounds are held around the clock with a break of several minutes. A player from Britain can enter the game at any convenient time. 
  2. Playing blackjack in slots. A kind of game against the computer. In this variety, you can find several modified games. This is done to speed up the game-play and increase the interest of the gaming audience.

Blackjack Rules

The main goal of classic blackjack is to outplay / beat the dealer at the table. After the deal, players draw cards until they are satisfied or the hand is close to 21. If your first two cards total 21 it is called a natural blackjack and it automatically guarantees victory unless the dealer also has a blackjack.

But remember, you don’t always need to push your luck by drawing to a hand that can bust (go over 21).  If the dealer shows a small card, there is a good chance that the dealer may bust.  If the dealer busts, all players who are still in the game win!

The main advantage of this game is the ability to apply mathematical strategies. With the right approach, a player can count the cards in the hands of the dealer and other people at the table to understand what exactly remains in the deck.

Why UK players prefer to play blackjack at online casinos

Going to a land-based casino can often be expensive. In addition to rates, the client also spends on transport rental, booking a hotel room, and visiting bars and restaurants located on the territory. Land casino visitors usually spend between 500 and 2000 pounds per visit.

In online casinos, the situation is entirely different. The players can start with any bankroll. Sometimes you can enter the game with an amount of £10 and place bets at tables that accept from 10p. When playing online, any other costs are also entirely excluded.

Variety of bonuses

In land-based casinos, bonus offers are almost non-existent. There may be some discount on room rentals or food and drinks at local restaurants. But, in online casinos where the British can play blackjack, the list of bonuses is much more comprehensive.

Cash bonuses are popular among live casino and card game players. They can be of two types:

  1. Welcome bonus. It is a no-deposit accrual of a certain amount to the account. It is issued to the client immediately after creating an account and the first login to the Personal Account. 
  2. Deposit bonus. Represents a certain %, which is returned to the bonus account after making a deposit. Most often, casinos offer a +100% deposit bonus. On some sites, the offer is valid as a package – for 3 or more subsequent deposits.

When using bonuses, players from Britain get the opportunity to increase their bankroll. It is essential for the casino client to carefully read the conditions of a particular promotion: the validity period of the offer and the established wager. If the conditions are not met, the promotion will be canceled.

iphoneBlackjack games online from your mobile phone

One of the most significant advantages of an online casino is the ability to launch your favorite card games from your mobile phone. According to statistics, more than 79% of adults in the UK spend their spare time playing games on smartphones. Studies also show that English players prefer to choose those online casinos where you can launch slots and other entertainment directly from your phone.

A mobile game can be implemented in two ways – through a separate smartphone application or an adapted mobile version of the site.

The same features are available in the mobile casino as on the main version of the site. The client can launch games, replenish the account and communicate with the technical support service.

Blackjack is popular among the British. You can apply mathematical skills to this game to improve your chances of winning.  Online blackjack takes the popular card game to a whole new level. Now players can enjoy the game and make hands anywhere.

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