Popular Blackjack Variants in India

Classic BlackjackBy Sophia Jones.

Blackjack is a traditional table game played against a dealer or the house. The way the variants are set up may give the impression that they have the same rules.

The truth is that there are numerous variations with slightly altered rules that give players or the house advantage. Understanding the house edge in blackjack variants is also necessary as it lets you predict the likelihood of your winnings.

Here are some of the most popular blackjack variants in India:

Multi-hand Blackjack

An online blackjack variant that gives players a bigger chance of getting a winning hand. It is important to understand how to play blackjack before making real money bets on the game. The basic classic blackjack rules still apply here.

With Multi-hand Blackjack, a player is allowed to play with as many hands as they decide. It all boils down to the maximum hands that have been stipulated by a particular casino.

The most significant advantage in this variant is that many hands offer you a higher chance of winning. The Multi-hand variant is the most played version generally due to its increased winning possibilities.

Blackjack Switch

In Blackjack Switch, if the dealer’s hand totals 22, both the dealer and the player push. It’s played with 6-8 full decks out of a shoe, and the main difference is that players must always play two hands at the same time. After the initial cards are dealt, players may swap the first cards of their two hands.

A number of side bets are also available before you are dealt. The most interesting is betting on whether you will land a pair, two pairs, three of a kind, or four of a kind.

Bollywood Blackjack

Bollywood refers to India’s film industry and from which Bollywood Blackjack was coined. Bollywood Blackjack is an Evolution Gaming variant. The dealer speaks Hindi in this game, and the live stream takes place in a Bollywood-themed studio.

It’s especially popular with Indian players, naturally. To help find the best places to play, comparison sites search the net for only safe casinos to aid Indian players. In addition, the platform also checks for the best casino bonuses on signing up, to boost your bankroll. Moreover, you will also find reliable information on bonus wagering requirements, and in-depth reviews on each casino.

Bollywood Blackjack games are divided into two types, both of which are based on the standard 7-seat Blackjack. The only distinction is the betting range. In both games, there are three optional side bets. Another feature is that when the dealer busts at 22, all winning hands are returned. That means you do not keep your winnings should you win and the dealer busts at 22.


In Pontoon, you can always Hit, even after a Double Down; the only restriction is that you cannot exceed a five-card hand. A Pontoon is a natural hand consisting of an Ace and a ten-value card that pays 2:1 and will still pay 2:1 after a Split.

A hand of 21 after a Split will only pay 1:1 in regular Blackjack. A 5-card hand that totals 21 also pays 2:1 and is known as a 5-card Charlie. The disadvantage of Pontoon blackjack is that all ties are won by the dealer (house).

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a game that is very similar to Pontoon, which is popular in Australia and Singapore. This version is well-known for its low house edge and no tens in its card decks.

The dealer must hit soft 17; the player wins if both the player and the dealer have blackjack (3:2), a six-card 21-hand pays 2:1, and a seven-card 21-hand pays 3:1.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure, also known as “Face Up Blackjack,” is played with both dealers’ dealt cards facing up.

The game, therefore, offers a lower house edge but is balanced by the dealer taking all ties except when pushing a player’s blackjack.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This blackjack variant is prevalent at most casinos. The game is based on the Perfect Pairs side bet. In this version, many winning options are available depending on your first two cards and the amount of side bet placed.

While the game offers a higher winning potential, players should keep the high house edge in mind. The game rules are simple; you win in this version if your first two cards are a pair. If you fail to do so, you lose. It’s really that simple.



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