The Greatest Tips for Playing Blackjack Online

Online GamblingBy Jonathon Roob.

Online casinos have enjoyed worldwide acceptance, with blackjack as one of the games with the most players. With the competition at an all-time high, it is paramount to employ strategic thinking and planning. When playing blackjack on an online casino, you may come across tactics such as casino online card counting strategies. This is one of the most popular winning concepts and can give the player a 0.5% – 1% advantage over the casino.  

The result of card counting will give the player an idea of whether or not the dealer has a better hand based on the remaining number of high and low cards. This should dictate whether you raise or lower your wagers. However, card counting should not be used alone, but in combination with the following blackjack strategies:

Understanding Basic Blackjack strategies

Basic strategy in blackjack isn’t designed to guarantee you a win every time you play. Instead, it is intended to maximize your winning chances and minimize your losses. Regardless of whether you’re playing live blackjack or regular blackjack, it is important to stick to a particular strategy. With the help of some applications online, the player can analyze decisions made while playing blackjack online, so they can work on the areas they’re making mistakes.  Learning the correct blackjack basic strategy for your game is the player’s first line of defense.

Always go for the Bonuses

It has now become the norm for online casinos to offer bonuses and promotions allowing players to access blackjack games for free. When a user registers on a particular website, they are offered a welcome bonus with which they can familiarize themselves with the interface. Some live blackjack casinos may require winnings from this trial run to be revolved a few times before withdrawal.

Other bonuses may include free spins, deposit matches, and cash-backs. Blackjack players can save money as well as gain knowledge through demo or trial accounts if they take full advantage of these offers.

Avoid Taking Insurance

If the dealer shows an ace, some online blackjack tables offer an insurance bet to offset your losses if the dealer hits blackjack. It seems like a good idea until you realize it’s not. The insurance is not worth the price you must pay and the return you receive from it. The probability of the dealer making blackjack doesn’t justify it in the long run.  This is also true when you have a blackjack and the dealer shows an Ace up.  Being offered “even money” is the same as insurance so don’t take it unless you are counting cards and your system recommends it.


Using a combination of these methods, and re-calibrating your strategy depending on the situation will give you greater chances of winning. Remember to preserve your bankroll and ensure the site you are playing on is duly licensed. This way, the profits you make will be safely deposited into your account.




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