Are Blackjack Apps Any Good?

Blackjack AppBy Cirillo Ambrosi.

Blackjack has been popular for a long time in many casinos. And with the introduction of apps, playing blackjack on smartphones has made the game more popular and easier to play.

As the online gambling industry grows fast, the number of blackjack applications continues to increase. Of course, finding a suitable blackjack app real money is essential.

But are blackjack apps any good? Yes, some good blackjack apps can be used to wager on an online casino. Here are some of the features that make a good blackjack app.

Wide Range of Blackjack Variants

The more the variety of blackjack games to play in the casino, the more your gaming options in your favorite blackjack games. You can play the American blackjack, Zappit, European, single deck, or any other variant you feel well acquainted with.

Playing different blackjack variants will also break the boredom, unlike when there is only one version to play. You can develop your skills on a certain version as you aim to develop your playing skills for better earnings.

A good blackjack app should also allow you to play virtual and live pay-out blackjacks. Some have unlimited table seats for more players, making the game more interesting.

User Experience

Gamblers want apps that they can navigate easily. The steps should be straightforward with a seamless process that the app user understands. You also need to find the game conveniently and easily on the app. A good user experience elevates your chances of winning the game.

A good blackjack app is fun to play on with smooth card animations. You can also enjoy the auto-action selection option when you want to save on your playing time.

Also, some apps will offer you free training experience to familiarize yourself with how to play different versions of blackjack. You can utilize the applications to sharpen your skills and develop a winning strategy before you engage in real money games on blackjack.

The app should also offer your convenience, depending on your strategy to play. For example, you should be able to surrender when you want to and not have to stay all through the game you’re not interested in the final results.

Some blackjack apps even offer their users live dealers through video technology. This is not only a fan favorite, but you also get to build trust with the casino as you enjoy the game. You can choose your preferred live dealer and betting limits to ensure you are always within budget.  


Bonuses are a good way to increase your winnings on a wager. You can find a deposit or in-game bonus on many good blackjack apps. In-game bonuses are awarded when you’re playing, making the play more interesting.

You must check on the wagering requirements for every bonus on every blackjack app because they vary. Some have lower play through requirements to redeem the bonuses, while in other apps, you’ll have to wager severally before you can cash out.

Banking and Pay-out Options

Different blackjack apps can have different pay-out options. Although the difference can appear small, it is a big issue when your winning is big. For example, blackjack pays 3/2 while online casino apps pay 6/5. When you bet $10, 3/2 pays you $15 while 6/5 pays you only $12.  Stay away from the 6/5 blackjack payoff games.

A good blackjack has various payment platforms you can use for transactions. You should be able to use digital currencies, credit and debit cards, or e-wallets for transactions. Other apps do not withdraw directly back to your cards and can force fiat players to use courier services instead.

Payments should also reflect very fast, so you don’t have to spend much time waiting for money to update your account. Also, you should focus on the minimum deposit amounts and fees that the app accepts for various payment modes to save on transaction charges.  


Security is a paramount issue in any online real money game app. You don’t want to share your financial details and personal data with an application prone to hacking and data breaches. A good blackjack app has up-to-date security features with top-notch encryption that bars hackers from accessing the sites.

The data policy for the app should be public and written in simple language that every punter can understand. You should be able to validate that the app has an SSL encryption certificate, plus other payment certificates tagged on the application. This way, you can trust that the app is safe for playing with your money.

Legality and Trust

Online gambling is only so far legal in six states in the US. That is New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Delaware, and Nevada. You can play online blackjack as long as the state’s betting commission licenses the app.

In case you’re not in these states, playing on an offshore legalized app that isn’t subject to the state’s laws on real money betting is still legal.  

Expert reviews are also important in finding the best casino app. These people have experience with blackjack real money apps and know the features that players seek in the app. Research player reviews to see what other players who have used the app think of the app.

Customer Service

When you’re playing with real money on an application, you’ll appreciate customer service in case of any problem with waging, transaction, or even how to use the application. A good blackjack app has a dedicated customer care button where you can seek assistance anytime.

There are also FAQ sheets to answer regular concerns by the players and chatbots where you can wait in the queue to be served. Response time is a quality factor. You can test by sending a question and observing the reaction time to be answered before choosing the right blackjack app.

Only play where you are valued.


There are many blackjack apps for real money in the app store, and you must choose what guarantees you good playtime. A player must diligently comb through various reviews to decide the best app to play with. As a fun game, playing blackjack for money on an app brings both convenience and earnings, but only when a player has the right tools.


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