Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Blackjack

Online BlackjackBy Joshua Robinson.

If you need a casino game that can earn you a living online, blackjack is one of the games to consider. It is among the most popular casino games and remains one of Canada’s top online table games. The game has quite a history behind it, and its long history contributes to its incomparable popularity among online casino games.

Blackjack is easy to play, and players only have to abide by specific basic rules to enjoy and win the game. Your winning chance at the game brightens if you do your research and develop a good strategy before you start playing. Online blackjack is an exciting game but also has certain demerits. We will open your eyes to some of the pros and cons below.

Advantages of online blackjack

Play on a mobile device

Online blackjack is available on mobile devices. Consequently, players can access the game conveniently while on the move. Many gambling sites on the list of casinos in Canada offer mobile gambling opportunities to their customers, making it easy for customers to access blackjack on their mobile devices.

Gambling sites can insist that their customers download their mobile apps before accessing the sites’ mobile platforms. But some gambling sites permit their customers to play casino games via a web platform. You can play mobile blackjack on other gambling sites via the web and mobile app.

Access to many more game opportunities

You can access only limited forms of gameplay when you play blackjack at a land-based casino. The case is different in an online casino. Blackjack players can access many more game variants on online casinos for better entertainment, variety and challenge. The diversity makes the online version of the game truly exciting and addictive.

Some of the online blackjack variants include:

  • European blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Spanish 21
  • Online blackjack side bets such as:
    • 21 +3
    • Perfect Pairs
    • Buster Blackjack
    • Bonus Blackjack

Play at any time

Playing blackjack online offers you access to endless entertainment since gambling sites are always open. There is no time limit to the table game at all. If you want to relax after working hours, you can consider playing online blackjack for entertainment. Online gamblers can play the game far into the night or even early morning hours if they desire.

Bonuses for signing up and playing

Many online casinos offer signup bonuses and other incentives to continue playing.  These perks can add up to some serious cash.

Better rules

Online casinos often offer better rules than their counterparts on land.  A good example of this is offering blackjack payoffs of 3 to 2 versus 6 to 5.

Ability to use bitcoin

Many casinos now allow the use of cryptocurrencies for payment.

Training for live blackjack

Another advantage to online play is the training aspect.  This is especially true if you can find a site that offers free play.  In any case, playing online can improve your blackjack skills and introduce you to many different variants of the game.

Disadvantages of online blackjack

Network strength determines your fate

Your fate in online blackjack depends on internet availability. Consequently, you can only enjoy the game if you have a good internet connection. A poor internet connection only leads to a poor gaming experience. A poor internet connection can leave a bad taste in those playing online casinos for real money since the network issue can make a difference between a profitable and unprofitable online gambling experience.

No physical dealer

Online blackjack players will not have access to a physical dealer.1)Some online casinos now support real live dealers that you can see on your screen.  You will see the dealer deal from a real shoe and deal to real players on the internet. The presence of a physical dealer can add more entertainment to the game and makes it more engaging.

Many gamblers claim that they win more frequently when dealing with physical dealers. Although unlikely, the issue of computer error may also hamper your opportunities since you may be dealing with a virtual dealer. There is no such thing as a computer error when you are dealing with a physical dealer, as in a land-based casino.   However, even a real dealer can make mistakes.      

Difficult wagering requirements

Gamblers will have to make do with somewhat difficult wagering requirements when playing online blackjack, making it difficult or even impossible for the player to get an edge or receive a promised bonus or incentive. Online blackjack offers several bonuses, but the strings attached can often make those bonuses unhelpful to the gambler. Land-based blackjack generally offer no bonus, so you will not have to worry about terms and conditions like the wagering requirements. Nevertheless, you can turn down the bonus opportunity to spare yourself the breakneck wagering requirements.

Longer time to cash out

To cash out in a land based casino all you have to do is go to the cashier and exchange your chips for cash.  In an online casino, getting paid can often take several days.  In addition, their may be daily cash out limits.


Online blackjack game truly has many benefits worthy of note. You can access great bonuses that can add more excitement to the game. The opportunity to access the game from home and play anytime is also endearing. You can even access the games in remote locations via your mobile device.

Nevertheless, online blackjack comes with a series of disadvantages you must always bear in mind. Not all online blackjack bonuses deserve attention, and some are better avoided since they can prevent the player from getting an edge. Online blackjack may have disadvantages, but the advantages can often overshadow any disadvantages that the game may have. I will leave it up to you to determine which is the better choice.



1Some online casinos now support real live dealers that you can see on your screen.  You will see the dealer deal from a real shoe and deal to real players on the internet.

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