4 Blackjack Myths Busted

Myths Vs FactsBy Dan Cormac.

When you’re looking to get into something new, you’re going to have many preconceptions that color your initial impression of it. Some of these might be positive, some of these perceptions might be the reason that you wanted to try this new activity in the first place. However, sometimes what you hear is simply a myth, and holds no bearing on the fact of the matter itself.

Blackjack is a game that is popular among many different groups of people and in popular culture, meaning that you might have heard more about it than you’ve played it, so it’s worth busting some of these potential myths before you dive in.

Myth 1: You Can’t Risk Going Over 21

When you have a game as widely played and as simple as blackjack, there will be variations in how people apply the rules. In certain situations, a certain group might not have immediate access to something like the internet, which can correct them on the ‘right way’ to play, so these variations continue. However, if you’re planning on playing through official outlets, it’s well worth knowing what the actual rules are.

Knowing whether or not you can afford to go over 21 is crucial knowledge to have, as it alters the aim of the game. Rather than feeling as though you have wiggle-room when you decide to hit rather than stand, the real rules require you to adopt a much more cautious approach – with a risky hit being a bigger decision to make.  Remember, the goal of the game is to beat the dealer.

Myth 2: You Can Only Play in Land Based Casinos

You can play blackjack wherever you want as long as you’ve got a pack of cards, but you might have thought that to engage with this game in a somewhat official capacity, you’d have to seek out a physical venue. This might be an image that has been cultivated by seeing the game be played in movies such as in the 007 franchise, where the glamor of the casino comes above all else.

Fortunately, if it’s the pure essence of the game that you’re interested in, you have another option. Being as popular a game as blackjack is, many of the best online gambling sites will allow you to access it, meaning you can create the best environment for you while you play.

Myth 3: It is Always Wise to Take “Even Money”

Even money is offered by the dealer whenever the player has a blackjack hand and the dealer has an ace as an up-card.  If the player agrees to “even money”, the dealer will pay the amount of the wager before checking his hole-card.  Essentially, this is the same thing as the player insuring his blackjack.  The smart basic strategy player should “never” take even money, unless you want to give the casino an added advantage.

Myth 4: You Need to Have Prior Experience

Blackjack is a game that has so much history behind it, and such a large player-base, that it can feel as though wading into it as a new player is a hopeless cause due to the impression that you’ll have no way of matching the skill of longer-time players. Well, while that should never deter you from getting into something new, here you have an extra advantage. While there is certainly an element of strategy in this game, there is a very large element of luck, making it easier for new players to jump in.

However, to be serious about the game and to reduce the casino advantage you should learn and memorize blackjack basic strategy.

Getting Started

With the truth straightened out, and myths dispelled, you might find yourself in a much stronger position if you’re looking to jump into this game. Of course, you might still not yet feel confident enough to take it to a more professional level, but you can always get started with a deck of cards and some friends – which might help you to first appreciate the fun that this game can offer before you test your metal elsewhere.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dan Cormac knows how to make his money go further. A freelance financial journalist, Dan is passionate about personal finance. Whether you hope to escape the chains of debt, to save for a house, or to retire within a decade, Dan explores the most effective ways you can achieve your financial goals. 

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