5 Tips You Need To Know On Winning In Blackjack

By Ruchi Patil.

Like any card game, blackjack definitely requires some luck as well being in the right place at the right time.  But blackjack is a lot more simpler to learn and excel at than more complex games like poker. The latter requires plenty of training, experience and strategizing. It can take years of practice to become a high-level player in poker, but it’s not the case with blackjack.1)Unless, of course, you take winning at blackjack more seriously and learn how to count cards and use other advantage play techniques.

Playing Blackjack

In poker, you’re trying to beat numerous opponents in any given game. In blackjack, it’s simply you versus the dealer. The goal is to get as close to the number of 21 without going over, however, in reality it is simply to beat the dealer. The dealer will give each blackjack player two cards face up.2)In some single and double deck games the player’s cards are dealt face down.  The dealer’s first card is face up and their second one is face down.

In standard games, blackjack uses a 52-card deck and the face cards are worth 10 points. For each turn, you can decide if you want to be “hit” (the dealer gives you another card), or “stand” (you don’t take an extra card).  Of course, there are other options you can take advantage of depending on the cards you have.

Online and mobile sports betting have launched in several U.S. states since 2018. The game of blackjack is extremely popular across the U.S., including in the Michigan online casinos industry.

Let’s now take a dive into five tips that will help you maximize your chances of winning.

  1. Splitting Aces and Eights

Ask just about any experienced blackjack player and they’ll suggest that you almost always split the aces and eights.

If you have a pair of cards that carry the same number (7s, 10s, etc.), you’re allowed to “split” them into separate hands. So if you are to get a pair of Aces (a value of two) or a pair of eights (value of 16), the smart bet is to always split.

The reason you should split aces is simple: You already have two points guaranteed and your odds of gaining a card with a value of 10 is high, meaning you could get as close to 21 as possible.

Splitting eights is widely encouraged because a hand of 16 is simply too high. If you keep the 16 and don’t split the eights, the odds are very likely that you’re going to end up with a number of over 16. You would need an ace, two, three, four or five just to win.

  1. Staying Laser-Focused

Casinos in many places all over the world will offer you free alcoholic beverages throughout the night. While this may come across as luxurious, casinos often do this because they know free beverages will likely keep you around longer, hence they have higher odds of taking in more of your money.

When it comes to blackjack, it’s important to keep a strong focus. If you’ve had a few drinks and if you’re fatigued and/or distracted you’re obviously less likely to stay concentrated in blackjack.

That means you’re more likely to commit more mistakes at the table, thus greatly decreasing your chances of winning. Staying alert, energized and focused will always help your chances of winning.  How do you know if you are making mistakes?  Anytime you don’t follow the basic strategy of the game you are making a mistake and giving the house an additional edge over you.

  1. Sit At Third Base

The “first base” spot in blackjack is the term for the player who sits at the far left side of the table, from the dealer’s perspective. The player at first base will draw their cards and play their hand first.

“Third base” is the position for the player at the far right side of the table and they’ll act on their hand last.  Do you have a small advantage to sitting at third as opposed to first?  Well, if you are counting cards, you will have a chance to see more cards and give yourself extra time to strategize.

  1. Don’t Split Tens Or Fives

If you draw two cards with values of 10 apiece, you’re already at 20. In this instance, you’ve got to play by the percentages. Just stand pat!

A pair of fives will leave you with 10. That’s a nice starting point, and again, you need to like your chances of drawing a card with a high value. Even if your third card is a small value (let’s say four or lower), the odds are decent enough that you’d draw a seven or less to get close to 21.

Your greatest advantages in this game are knowing when to split and double.

  1. Don’t Push Your Luck

Again, every card game and casino-related game will involve some luck. Even if you’re on a winning streak, it’s important to remember to quit while you’re ahead.

For instance, you might be on a roll where you’ve won eight out of ten games. And maybe in several of those games, you were fortunate to have received one of the two or three cards you needed most.

Keep in mind that luck is always bound to balance out. Just because you got lucky far more often than not in the early rounds, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way throughout the night.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and feel like you need to keep maximizing your win totals. But at some point, you need to play the odds and accept that your momentum isn’t going to last all night.



1Unless, of course, you take winning at blackjack more seriously and learn how to count cards and use other advantage play techniques.
2In some single and double deck games the player’s cards are dealt face down.

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