Valuable Life Lessons Blackjack Can Teach You

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There are always several sides to a story, especially when it comes to blackjack. Perceived by many as a luck-based casino game that is all about money, you will find plenty of people who believe it’s a waste of your time. But blackjack requires much more skill and strategy than new players realize and after playing it for a while, you might walk away with some valuable life lessons.

Former blackjack professionals always have thrilling tales to tell, not only about big tournaments and prize money but also about all the lessons they have learned. Here are a few of them. 

There are no shortcuts in life

When you first start playing blackjack it might be nothing more than a bit of fun, but as you get more and more into it, you’ll realize that winning doesn’t come easy: You need to put in the work, practice, and read reviews of the best blackjack games online before you can excel – and that’s no different to real life where shortcuts are the exception rather than the rule.

Failure is the foundation for success

When a new successful business is launched, it often happens after many past failures. As uncomfortable as that might be, failing gives us directions and by being willing to engage with our own faults and shortcomings, we can map out a recipe for future success. Something important to bear in mind when we throw ourselves into new activities and hobbies.

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You can’t rely on luck and blind faith

As the story about the successful MIT Blackjack Team will teach you, there is no point in relying on pure luck when you can develop a winning strategy. Luck is something you can shape and influence. That’s why many current and former blackjack players see this as one of the biggest lessons they have learned from the game and taken with them into the “real world”. No matter what you are pursuing, the understanding that a plan is required to reach our goals is crucial.

Perseverance will take you a long way

The thing about blackjack is that dedication can make the difference between winning and losing. Learning how to count your cards is one of the fundamental skills that many new players overlook, but there are various card counting systems, rules, and smart little hacks that you can pick up along the way. While it might take a while to master, it can give you great results in the long run. A skill that is also beneficial in many other careers.

Details matter

In blackjack, the details matter.  You should always be on the lookout for games with the best rules and conditions.  Does the dealer stand or hit on soft-17?  Can you double on any two cards?  Can you double after splitting a pair? Can you surrender? Are blackjacks paid at 3 to 2?  As in life, the more options that are available to you and the better the rules, the better your chances of a good outcome.

It’s never wrong to ask for help               

Finally, if there is one thing you can learn from blackjack, or indeed any other casino game that involves money, then it’s the ability to set limits and know when you have reached them. Find a supportive network and connect with fellow players who have a good attitude towards the game and, above all, find the time to socialize and do other things.

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